A Very Fun and Unique Diversion

Michelle and Ben had planned to meet a few of their friends this afternoon.  They bought Chinese take-out and then were going to walk along a state path to a community park. When Michelle asked if I would like to go along,  I jumped at the chance.  Like a dog, I LOVE walks! And, when they involve a new place where I’ve not been, all the better!

We entered the path and Iwas amazed. Although I have never been in Louisiana bayous, I do believe this place closely resembled abayou!

Look at this vine….it looks looks just like a hemp rope!


Here is more of the same vine….


These delicate little berries grew along the pathway. No idea what they are, but they are pretty!


Living in a hardwood woods, even the dead trees and stumps looked “funny” to me. They grow along a small creek, so I am not sure if that has some bearing on their twisted and contorted look.


As we walked on, the moon accompanied us in the sky.


A propeller plane passed overhead, and I was thrilled to captured it!


TWICE! I love how the branches that were just above my head “frame” the plane!


As we walked on, it was obvious we were not going to be walking  back by daylight!


But the skies…..they were spectacular!


My five young companions…..



We sat at a table inside a pavilion. It was very cool, as the pavilion was timberpeg built. (one of the pegs needs a little persuasion to go back in!)



One of the guys even baked cupcakes and thought to bring along a candle and matches! Michelle was very impressed!


And we walked back home by the light of the moon.


I haven’t had this much fun in ages. What a delightful evening!!!