Happy Birthday Michelle!

Michelle’s birthday was actually yesterday. So here are some pretty autumn flowers to celebrate!


 And a special birthday cake!


The tradition at our house has always been to allow the birthday person to decide what he or she would do and how we would spend the day.  Because Mark is unable to do much right now, we owe Michelle one birthday!

Mark had an appointment to see the doctor yesterday so she could see if the antibiotics were  working.  The doctor told Mark the fastest way to heal one of these sores is to stay off it. This is a real challenge,  as lying about for hours and hours is so discouraging for him.  The weather has been exceptional for the past few days and it just seems so unfair to be lounging about in the house instead of enjoying the fresh air!

Michelle was pretty happy with the Zune MP3 player she got for her birthday.  Mark had spotted a great deal on them at Dell and ordered it for her. We also got her a case for it and a gift card for TJ Maxx. 

In looking at some old photos of Michelle as a baby, then a toddler and child, it is so hard to believe she has grown up so quickly!