A Ride Through the Woods

The weather has made a 180 degree turn and has gone from winter-like  conditions to nearly balmy spring-like conditions today!  The sunshine was splendid and the air, amazing! The sky was bright blue most of the day and it called to “come out and play”!

As I said yesterday, we do still have some marvelous color remaining. How about golden oak leaves against an ocean of blue?


The air felt so pure and delicious, it just felt sinful to sit inside the house today. The woods beckoned and called to come explore….


The kids had a little dinner party this afternoon and evening.  Michelle and her friend made pizzas and Michelle had spent much of the past two days baking some tasty treats.

The kids were playing Rock Band,  so I decided to go outside for a little ride on the ATV to briefly see the woods.


Up in the back of our property, the elevation rises quite a bit, so there are few leaves left on the trees up there. The floor of the woods is carpeted in fallen leaves, so much so, that a rustling sound can be heard even above the noise of the engine!

I am not sure if I mentioned it here before or not, but the previous owner of the property had planned to make a snowmobile resort of the woods.  He actually inherited over 400 acres (I think that is right) and wanted to run a bulldozer through the woods to create trails for winter riders.  Somehow, the plans failed…probably because snow here just “ain’t what it used to be”.  This worked to our advantage, however, as we now have the most beautiful ATV trails through the woods!


Of course, not everything is terrific in the woods….like wild grapvines that tangle up and attack saplings and trees!


How about this mess of grapevines? Argh!


We own 20 acres of woodland. We have no clearings other than the ones we made for the house, garage, and septic field. Since we heat mainly with firewood, this again works to our advantage, as several trees fall every year, making it very easy to access our heating supply!




I am so biting at the bit to start cutting these logs up so they can season for a year. We will pile the cut wood against trees and then gather it up next spring. Of course, we will have some wood left over this winter as well, as we do every year.

As I wandered back towards the house, I passed under a big pine tree…I think we have a grand total of maybe 15 or 20 pines on our entire property!


We do leave many trees that are dead, standing, as wildlife finds good use for them. As you can see, this red oak probably has an ant colony inside and the woodpeckers love dining here!


My ride was so enjoyable, but far too short! I didn’t want to leave the kids too long, so  I headed back to the house, just in time for a slice of freshly-baked pizza! Ah, life is good!

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  1. Well! After lookin at those gorgeous shots, I really want to come visit!! That’s alot of land you got there….great for ATV riding!! We don’t have an ATV anymore….gave it to my husband’s son. I do have a little 50cc scooter that goes 35mph that I cruise around town on. I love it! But, it is not so good in the woods as I almost got stuck in the mud up at the cottage trying to take it back to look at some new houses they were building! The weather really was perfect today, wasn’t it? I cruised around downtown tonight…..I just love watching the trick or treaters and we never get any at our house. 🙁 Hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. Hey, check out my blog tomorrow where I have awarded you an award for all this fabulous autumn photography! (don’t worry if it’s too stressful to think about figuring out code and displaying it – just receive it as a thank you for being a faithful blog friend 🙂 ).

  3. As Jeanne wrote, I’d love to be on the next plane over. Wow. Autumn over there is one thing I will add to my must-see travel list.

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