Is This Really October?

That is the million dollar question! It is hard to believe the past two days were really October. They seemed more like late November or December!  This afternoon,  the weatherman said by Friday, we will experience “springlike” conditions. Talk about nutty, changeable weather!

Michelle had to work this morning, so upon my return home, I stopped in Woodville.  Boy, how the lake changed in the past few days!


I am feeling all better after my bout with the bug. I never developed a cough like everyone else that has had this bug. I can credit it either to my terrific immune system,  or (possibly more likely) that concoction I kept taking faithfully.

I felt so much better today, I went grocery shopping! Michelle and Ben are having friends over Friday night, so Michelle had a list a mile long for me.  It felt so great to be out again, and especially not having the cold air making me cough! Amazing.

I took the back road home and at the top of out hill, the scenery was very “winter wonderland”. I loved the way the trees looked as though they were frosted…


Michelle met some friends after work and Ben joined them for dinner. I dropped him off and then sat and read some while waiting for them.  The kids love eating at our local Chinese restaurant.   On the way home, I took a night shot of Woodville. It was dark out and I could barely make out the figures of some ducks on the water. I love the way this photo came out….looking more like a surreal painting than a photograph! (the snow falling only adds another dimension)


I had placed a meatloaf in the crockpot late this morning, so when I got home with the kids, I hurried and made a batch of mashed potatoes and cooked up some green beans with butter and garlic. Poor Mark had been waiting for us to come home for his dinner. By the time I finished the dishes and got everything put away, it was nearly 8:30! Not too bad for my first day up and on my feet all day! It feels *so* good to feel good!

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  1. Now, that sounds like REAL comfort food!! Maybe I’ll make that tomorrow night! So glad to hear you are feeling better. I love the pic you took of the lake at night. You can actually see the snowflakes. I was just thinking the same thing….it is 36 degrees out right now. But, up North, they got over a foot, so I guess we can thank our lucky stars! Yay! You got your grocery shopping done!

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

    It’s got suddenly much colder this side of the Pond too. Although ironically I didn’t see a single flake of snow in Glasgow, but now I’ve headed (briefly) down south to join my Other Half – not too far from London- they had quite a bit of snow!

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