My, How the Winds do Howl!

Another day without  photos. 

If I would have spent any time outside today, (other than taking the Scotties out a few times)  I would have had to don some extremely warm winter clothing!

The wind is howling like crazy….we haven’t seen winds like this in some time! I heard reports on the radio about areas that have actually received accumulations of snow! Sadly, the Bristolwood temperature hovered right above freezing all day.  We got rain, then a few huge snowflakes, but then it turned back to rain again.  Believe me, that rain was cold! And, driven by the wild winds….

 At one point, Michelle placed a sweater on Murphy and a little red parka on Angus to take them outside.  I guess I should have gotten my camera, but I was so tired today.  Anyway, the poor little Scotties put their noble heads to the ground, looking up with the whites of their eyes sorrowfully showing.  Of course, as soon as they returned inside, I removed the silly apparel and they both rolled about on the carpeting, once again enjoying their “au naturel” attire!

The bug is nearly gone, but today I was very tired!  I am pleased to report that I still have had little coughing!  I have been drinking a swig of the cough-reducing formula three times a day.  I would gladly drink that if it meant no coughing!

Back to dreams of my tiny log cabin…….

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  1. I couldn’t BELIEVE the winds today!!! Upstairs from my office, it sounded like a freakin’ hurricane was coming through. And tonight, all the dogs are in their winter attire…days like this I wish I had a doggy-door!

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