Wish I Lived in the Adirondacks!


Enjoy the photo of the pretty oak leaves. It was the only photo I took today! I am still trying to rest to overcome the “bug”.  Instead of feeling too badly today, my face itches and I am easily agitated. Rather than getting into a brawl, I chose to take the passive course of least resistance, that is,  hiding away in the bedroom and keeping to myself!

So, you ask…..Why would I want to live in the Adirondacks?  Well, they are supposed to get some real winter weather in the next day or two!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but having grown up in a real snow belt,  I love winter weather! I love snow….I don’t even mind being snowbound! Just one more little challenge in the many challenges of life, you know!

I have been daydreaming about what it would be like to be snugly tucked away in a tiny log cabin,  snow falling around,  with no electricity, and a warm and cozy fire to keep me company! Not everyone’s “dream”,  but well……what can I say? (I was even browsing the internet looking at little log cabins! Doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?)

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  1. This is going to sound really daft, but I love that word “Adirondacks”. It just sounds so satisfying when you say it, as well as being really evocative. I have no idea where it is or what it looks like, but it just says “America” to me!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Well. in seeking a bit ‘o info, I found that the name is the Anglicized word for a Mohawk word. The Mohawks gave the name to the Algonquin tribe. It means “they eat trees”, as the Algonquins were given to eating buds and bark of trees when food was scarce!

    The Adirondacks is a state park in northeastern New York State. It includes the Adirondack Mountains, and is a gorgeous and relatively “wild” area. There are lakes and some very spectacular scenery located there. It also gets some pretty wild (relatively speaking!) weather.

    We visited the area a couple of years ago, and Mark was a bit intimidated by the fact that the cell phones were basically useless in the region! If pristine beauty is what your heart desires, add the Adirondacks to your list of places to visit in the US. Or, if you come, plan to spend at least two weeks just in New York….there really is just soooo much to see and experience!

  3. I’m in that cabin with you Kae!! Although I would need the internet and some sort of phone…. even a land-line would be fine withme and good old dial up for the computer.

  4. I thank God every day that the Adirondacks have come as far as they have!! Years ago, we didn’t have phone or cable. Today, we have RoadRunner, Cable, and phone. YAY!! And yes, I have been trapped up there at the cottage with no electricity and no wood stove. It was unbelievably cold!!! FRIGID!! And yes, we made a hotel reservation and looked out at the beautiful snow while sitting in our jacuzzi tub!! They are scheduled to get 6-12 inches!

  5. Is it pronounced as it is written. or is there a local way of saying it? What syllable is the stress on?

    Adirondacks or Adirondacks or Adirondacks or …………


  6. Terri, I can live without the net for some time. Boy, I would love to sit and read some books and just not have ANY obligations. OR dishes to wash!!!!!

    Jeanne, no woodstove at the cottage? Brrrr!!!! My woodstove is such a vital part of winter! I love stepping outside to get wood and getting chilled to the bone so I can come inside and get warmed back up again! My kids have such fabulous memories of sitting in the hot tub out back in a snowstorm! They were telling their friends about it just last Friday!

  7. I sure hope that you feel better soon, Kae. As you know, I had a nasty virus around the middle of October … it was BAD! I hope that we all stay healthy from now on. Gorgeous photos! I love looking at your photography!

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