Wish I Lived in the Adirondacks!


Enjoy the photo of the pretty oak leaves. It was the only photo I took today! I am still trying to rest to overcome the “bug”.  Instead of feeling too badly today, my face itches and I am easily agitated. Rather than getting into a brawl, I chose to take the passive course of least resistance, that is,  hiding away in the bedroom and keeping to myself!

So, you ask…..Why would I want to live in the Adirondacks?  Well, they are supposed to get some real winter weather in the next day or two!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but having grown up in a real snow belt,  I love winter weather! I love snow….I don’t even mind being snowbound! Just one more little challenge in the many challenges of life, you know!

I have been daydreaming about what it would be like to be snugly tucked away in a tiny log cabin,  snow falling around,  with no electricity, and a warm and cozy fire to keep me company! Not everyone’s “dream”,  but well……what can I say? (I was even browsing the internet looking at little log cabins! Doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?)