A few days ago, when we got freezing temperatures,  we carried a little electric heater out to the camper to make sure the plumbing wouldn’t freeze and break.  We normally would have had the camper winterized by now, but this year has been so busy! With Mark not feeling well for several days,  the little heater kept the camper toasty inside.

Last night, as I was lying in bed (feeling so miserably sorry for myself, but don’t tell anyone!)  the weather forecast was using phrases like “lake effect rain and snow” and “rapidly dropping temperatures”.  This struck a note of urgency in my  sickly body, making me promise that today we would surely blow out the water lines in the camper and winterize it.  And, so we did! Great sighs of relief!

After finishing the camper, I wandered back upstairs and rested in bed. Last night,  I kept seeing myself as a French White Corelle casserole dish….that is, being taken from the oven to the  freezer.  One minute, I was burning up, the next, I was shivering like a leaf!  I decided to take it easy  today! I have discovered that by resting more than usual, I can usually shake bugs off quickly.

I did take a few photos, just outside the bedroom window. As you can see, the trees are still sporting some pretty color!



After resting a bit, I got up and decided to remove the leaves off the cover of the pool.  They make such a mess, decomposing on top of the cover with the help of water from rain.  I got all the leaves off, then removed most of the water as well.

When I was shopping yesterday, Mark asked me to pick up some cough medicine, as he was tired of having a headache from constantly coughing.  While I was at the store,  he looked online and found a recipe that is supposed to help reduce coughing and decided that might be better than taking the medicine. We had all the ingredients, except apple cider vinegar, which I picked up.

Last night, Michelle played chemist, mixing up the concoction, comprised of cayenne pepper,  ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar, and water.  After reading the benefits of all the ingredients, I decided to take some of the wonder cough reducer.  WheeeeeeHAW! The cayenne made me feel like Puff the Magic Dragon, and the other stuff just tasted really STRONG  hideous!  I have been taking this stuff, 3 teaspoons at a time, and have not had any coughing.  Could it be?

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  1. Hey! We did the same thing with the RV. We were very worried that the pipes would freeze. Got our all winterized too. I’m very nervous as my daughter is flying to California on Tuesday and that day we are supposed to have high winds and possibly snow / ice. Not good. Glad to hear that your miracle remedy appears to be working!!! May ask you for the recipe on that one…

  2. Love the park-like look of your pictures. If I didn’t know they taken of your yard, I would have thought they were a park.

    I think I’ll stay away from your “miracle cure” for coughing. I don’t like to cough, but I think cayenne pepper would probably kill me…then I definitely wouldn’t cough any more!

  3. I’ve stumbled across that cough cure before online… sounded too nasty to try. I think I’d have to add a little Jack Daniels to mine! LOL Everything tastes better with Jack!

  4. Maybe the cure is so bad it just makes the illness seem like nothing!!

    I’m with Terri, except I’d add Scotch (oh and miss out on the pepper as well).

    Don’t know that I like your definition of ‘resting more than usual’.

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