One of the Barns Along County Road 12

A barn sitting atop the hill, overlooking the lake with glorious views all around! This time, brought to you in living color!



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  1. I love it! They don’t make them like that anymore. It’s funny how the fresh paint only goes up part way.. bet they ran out of ladder.

  2. My goodness: I had always thoguht barns were just rectangular. Whatever the weathervane is atop of [I know nothing!] is beautiful; I wouldn’t mind having a room up there [proofed against any animal smells below I add. :)]

  3. Oh Ian, this barn is an antique! No kidding, there are several old barns along this road. One has “1898” painted on it, so they really are old!

    The barn photographed really caught my eye, as the “gingerbread” on the barn and cupola was fantastic! As Terri said, they don’t make em like that anymore!

    These barns don’t house any animals! They are used for storage and “stuff”, but no animals! Their most outstanding feature of all is that they overlook the lake!

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