A-Mulching I Will Go!

Yesterday was a quiet day.  The weather was chilly in the morning, but as the afternoon progressed, the sun came out and warmed everything up.

I wanted to share a photo I took yesterday of tree that I have considered to be one of the prettiest I have seen this fall. It is located across the road from the church with the burned-out bell tower.  I pass it each time I go to Naples, and have thought I needed to photograph it many times. Yesterday, I finally pulled off the road and took the little walk to get it!


I really *seriously* had to mulch the lawn yesterday.  The leaves were still wet from out snowy little bout of weather a couple  of days ago, but I felt an urgency to get them done. The lawn was completely covered in pretty leaves with no hint of green showing.  And the “carpet” seemed to be increasing in depth.  I had no idea if the wet leaves would jam the mower or mulch.  Fortunately for me, the latter was the case! I worked for over an hour just doing the lawn area.  I will do the upper area where the swing set is later!

In the afternoon,  as the bright sunlight filled the bedroom with its golden glow, I pulled a chair up and opened the window, allowing a slightly chilly breeze to blow into the room. It was such a fresh wind coming in and it felt totally harmless and extravagant.

Looking out the window, there are several maple trees in the side yard.  One stood out. For one thing, it still is clad in many leaves; most other trees are over half “naked”!  Another curious element to this tree is that it seems it cannot make up its mind….its bottom leaves are mostly green, while its upper leaves are beautiful gold!


Looking down from my perch, I could see the line between the mulched and non-mulched leaves. (there was NO difference  before I went out with the trusty little mulching mower!)


I sat, gazing out the window for over half an hour.  It was therapy, I suppose. I watched as little birds flitted from the feeder to branches…I smiled as I saw a tiny chipmunk chase a squirrel that looked at least twice his size across the yard! Then the little chipper seemed to enjoy the newly-mulched lawn.


Looking up into the woods, it was so inviting!


You can see that most of the leaves are now lying on the floor of the woods.


We will greatly enjoy these waning days of Autumn. I know the calendar calls for more weeks of the season, but we know (especially after hearing the upcoming weather forecast) warm days and sunshine are at a premium right now and will soon become history!