Another Confession from the Woodcutter

Last week, while sitting and watching a Buffalo Sabres Hockey game, Mark saw my ankle and squawked! 

Almost three weeks ago, we cut down a rather tall ash tree that was dead.  I was thrilled to get the nicely-seasoned-on-the-stump firewood.  Mark was nervous about taking it down, as it had lots of potentially dangerous branches high in the air.  I cut a notch in it, then made a small back cut.  We hooked a very long rope and tow strap onto the hitch of the ATV and pulled the tree down. It really came down nicely.

Mark has a cant hook that he used a lot when he used to cut firewood. I am a bit more reluctant to use it; my choice is to use pieces of firewood or nearby stumps to lift the wood from the ground for cutting.

I had sectioned the tree and Mark told the kids to cant up one piece that was probably about 1o or 12 feet long.  It was near the base of the tree, so it was a good-sized piece.  They got it up in the air,  but they were going to have to hold the handle down to keep it from springing back and dropping the log.

I turned to grab my saw just as BOTH of the kids let go of the handle! Egads, that log hopped off the cant hook and slid right down my leg,  just below my shin.  For a moment, I think I was seeing stars, but when I saw Mark getting very upset, I pooh-poohed the thing, telling him I was fine.  However, when I looked down shortly thereafter and saw my poor ankle swelling up, I decided we better call it quits for the day!


I must say that I do bruise very easily, so I was shocked the bruise was so localized! In all honesty, this injury never really hurt.  The swelling did, but by propping it up, the swelling left quite quickly!

I am thrilled to say that there was no damage done other than looking gross for a bit! There is no longer a bruise there and it feels fine!  I am, however, convinced that my bones must be quite tough. To have a log ride down my ankle like that surprised me that nothing was broken! (I have never broken a bone, as a matter of fact)

And no, this did not, nor will it,  cause me to stop cutting! I will keep a closer eye on those kids of mine, though!