Some Scenes from Today

I was thoroughly enjoying our little dusting of snow this morning! It was so pretty, and the chill in the air really didn’t bother me in the least!  When it snows such a heavy, wet snow,  it does something to the atmosphere and accoustics outside. The woods seems even more quiet than usual.

As I was enjoying the scenery out my bedroom window, I spotted a couple of deer walking along one of our paths on the side of the house. The photo looks kind of “funny” as the snow was falling as I snapped it.


I had to run to the bank this morning and as soon as I descended down our road,  it was clear that our snow was totally a “higher elevation” thing! While I was at the bank, a woman was there explaining to the teller about her “amazing” ride down. She went on and on about how there were definitive lines on the hills, distinctly separating the higher elevations!  She said it was also cool the way the clouds were lingering just above the snow at the top of the hills.


As I turned onto our road,  I could see what the customer at the bank was describing! 


When I walked out of the bank,  I mindlessly swiped the back window of the Explorer,  sending snow onto the ground.  Behind me, I heard a man’s voice call out to me….

“Get used to it!”

I turned back to him and laughed out loud. I explained to him that I LOVE the winter. Cold, snow, shoveling, I love it all! He looked at me as though I was crazy. He told me he loved it  when he used to ski, but not any more. Then he told me that life changes as we age.

I certainly hope not!


Mark was feeling a little out of sorts today. Yesterday, he had a sore throat. It was much better today,  and although  he had wanted to go out this afternoon,  he sent me out to do some errands while he stayed home in the warm house.

The forecast calls for more cool weather tomorrow, then it is supposed to heat up a bit.  We still have some little outdoor tasks to complete.  Even though the woodshed is probably filled with enough wood for the winter,  I would like to get a little more.  The last time we cut, Ben, Mark, and I went for a ride through our woods on the ATV’s and I was overwhelmed by the amount of wood lying on the ground, just waiting for me and the chainsaw! Even though this isn’t one of my favorite jobs to do, it sure is one that takes little time and effort and nets BIG results and VALUE!