An Ordinary Day!

Gads, today was such a boring day! I helped Ben with some math this morning. When it came time for lunch, I resembled Old Mother Hubbard!  No matter where I looked, it seemed there was a missing ingredient to make an entire meal!  I thought about it and realized it was two weeks since last I went grocery shopping. Oops!

Michelle helped Cindy today, so I planned to go shopping after picking her up.  When I got her, it was so funny. She was covered in flour and looking quite like an emaciated Pillsbury Doughboy!  She was in good spirits, though, so we made our way up the other side of the lake to Canandaigua.

As we drove northward, we passed a beach area where a young woman had a camera set up on a tripod and was taking photos. My heart turned green with envy.  I looked at the sky and remarked how glorious it was! Of course, when another beach came up, I parked the Explorer, hopped out, and took some photos!


It really is sad that I miss all of the spectacular sunsets because of the trees!


Michelle sat in the car while I raced about in the grocery store. Murphy was with her….seems the little lad has taken the habit of plopping himself in front of the door as I hurry to get ready to go out lately. Today, he sat there, looking so sullen, there was just no way I could leave without him.  He was greatly appreciative.

After the shopping expedition, Mark called and said to just pick up a pizza for dinner. Good thing, cause I was tired by this time! Since we had some time to waste, I parked out on the city pier and we listened to the radio.

As I pulled out of my parking space to proceed towards the city, I saw the colorful lights of a bar reflecting on the calm waters of the lake. I just had to stop and take a photo. At this point, I need to remark that if you click on my photos, they will expand, but will expand even further with a second click! In this photo, if you expand it all the way,  you can vaguely make out the yacht in the foreground, to the right of the lights.


We picked up the pizza and then began our journey homeward. I took the back road up the hill towards home.  As we came to the top of the hill, I smiled as I could see the flashing red lights on the wind generators. I got to thinking about all of the changes we have seen on our road in the sixteen years we have lived here.

When we first moved in, our road was a dirt road! It was dusty and miserable in the summer when it hadn’t rained for some time.  In the winter, it was narrowly plowed, making it scary in the event one met another vehicle coming in the opposite direction!

There are also a few new and very expensive homes that have been built on our road. It has gone from a seasonal use road to a paved roadway, servicing many homes.  My how time changes things!