Confessions from a Woodcutter

Yesterday, we spent the’ better part of the day working on firewood. I cut up some wood and we gathered up lots and lots of wood I had cut a couple of weeks ago,  After gathering the wood, we split it and stacked it neatly in the woodshed  We are *nearly* done. Just a little bit more firewood, and we shall be fine for the winter! Hurrah!

Now, for my confession…..

As we were getting ready to go outside, I disappeared upstairs.  As the family awaited on me, I was madly dashing about the bedroom, grabbing up my leather knapsack and stashing the “essentials” into it.  In went my Panasonic camera,  my cell phone,  keys for the ATV’s, and a few other things.

No one noticed the big black leather bag; that is, until we got into the woods! Mark gave me the strangest look.  Then came the questions, inquiring what, pray tell, was in the bag! My lips were sealed…

Well, I took a few photos with the Panasonic camera, but I really wanted to test out the camera on my cell phone! Here are two photos taken with the camera….(this phone’s camera surely leaves some to be desired!)


While everyone was off taking a load of firewood back to the house,  I found a grassy little patch of turf and leaned back.  This is the canopy above me!


And, hey, how could I not photograph my faithful little saw?

So, now you know.  Even while I am cutting firewood,  my mind is still off  thinking about photography!

Rainbows in the Clouds?

While wandering about the other day amongst the wind generators atop the hills, I saw such a cool thing!


Of course, first I attributed it to my sunglasses. I removed them and it was still there! So, it must be that dark blue strip at the top of the windshield, right? Nope. I stepped out of the Explorer and it was still there!


Can someone explain this? (I am supposing it must have something to do with moisture and sun?)


Ah, yes…as I padded down the stairs this morning and glanced out at the thermometer, it was reading *very chilly*! We were hovering right near 32 degrees fahrenheit, which means about 0 degrees celsius. 

Michelle scurried about, as Cindy had asked her to come in this morning to help with pies. She was supposing this weekend was going to bring many leaf-peepers, as the leaves are quickly falling to the ground.  This means many folks will be stopping by, ready to grab a tasty grape pie to take home with them!

I took Michelle down to Naples, and when we reached the bottom of our hill, look what we saw!


I smiled, as the photo looks as though I edited it. It looks almost cyan on the bottom, and color on the top. But, that is just the way it looked this morning at 8!

We drove down the upper road to Naples. As I headed south, I looked at the lake….it looked as though it was doing a pretty good imitation of an Alaskan lake!!! Well, either that, or it looked like a huge evaporator!


I stepped out of the Explorer to capture that shot. Look at the side of the road! The frost was really thick, but see the contrast between where the sun had hit on the grass!


 The skies are really bright blue this morning, and I do believe we are in for another one of those atmospherically intoxicating days!


As I returned home after dropping Michelle off,  I took the lower road. Of course, I had to stop in Woodville! Wow, what a shock…..there were many, many vehicles parked there with boat trailers. Apparently, this weather is good for fishing! As a boat was about to launch, I looked to see what these hale and hardy fishermen were wearing! Answer: winter coats!


Canandaigua Lake, looking northward this chilly morning! As I was taking the photos at Woodville, I could hear the unmistakable sound of the Eagle calling out.  It was so surreal…


The following are photos I took around our house….