Autumn Lake and Lakeside

As much as I have always loved photography, I have never taken as many photos of Autumn scenes and settings as I have this year.  This is the first year in many that I can remember when the fall  has been so beautiful…and lingering!  It seems that the usual mode is that the leaves turn, the winds blow, and then the rains come pouring down, causing the leaves to drop quickly! The temperatures have been warm and the sun has been spectacular this year!

Since I showed hillside views yesterday, I decided to show some of the Canandaigua Lake today. It is glorious…it is mind-blowing! It is a shame that the camera cannot quite imitate the eye when it comes to scenery such as we see each day….


These first two photos were taken at a small lookout that our town created about three years ago. Needless to say, this particular spot gets many, many visitors, not only in the fall, but also throughout the year.  As you can see, it is possible to see a good distance up Canandaigua Lake from this vantage point.


Since the atmosphere was so agreeable yesterday, I decided to visit my “hangout” down in Woodville.  The sky wasn’t the gorgeous blue we have seen a lot lately, but neither was it glum and dark.  It made for some nice photo-shooting conditions.


If you look closely right in the center of this photo, you will see Mr. (or Mrs.) Eagle sitting atop the tree, surveying the activities (or, rather, lack thereof!) on the lake. The lake’s appearance was chilly, dark, and rough yesterday.


The sunshine peeked out through some clouds and I aimed the telephoto lens at a small cross section of color, hoping to get some good results. The end result really surprised me. The colors were simply stunning!


A few people came and went while I was lingering lakeside. In all honesty, the wind was chilly….many people were wearing winter garb, so I stayed mostly in the Explorer and just soaked in the wonder-filled essence of Autumn.  It was luxurious.


I did get out to photograph the cattails. They were just so pretty!  As I was standing there, I heard a distinct “duck” noise. It wasn’t loud quacking, but rather, the little noise they make that sounds as though they are conversing contentedly.

Curiosity arose and I looked in a little area that is weedy and most neglected by me.  There in the water were several Mallard drakes,  going bottoms-up and dining to their little duckly delight!

I realize the weeds in front are out of focus and make this photo somewhat difficult to see, but as you look deeply, I think you can almost hear the “boys” dipping and diving in the water, almost unnoticed by all!


I stood, camera draped about my neck, just taking in this wonderful little activity. It was such a fun little diversion and something that I am often unlikely to do.  I felt as though I was being treated to one of those special little “exhibits” that nature provides only infrequently….and only those who are inclined to “stop and smell the roses” will see in person!

The party went on for a long time, then the drakes began, one by one, to glide out quietly onto the lake. The party was over.  I was grateful to have been a participant.

I walked back to the Explorer and just sat, observing all of nature and its beauty surrounding me.  As I said yesterday, it was nearly intoxicating!  Nothing that man makes or has made can rival these times. Nothing.

I got back  out to have one more look before I left my little haven.  I walked all along the edge of the water. Something caught my eye.


This one little Mallard drake was left behind. He wasn’t worried, nor bothered. He had his head tucked down, and he was taking a nap!

Nearly intoxicating, I tell you.  Who or what can rival all of God’s creation?