A Most Excellent Day!

As I am sure you have noticed lately,  I have been somewhat mute.  This is mainly because of a little “event” I had “up my sleeve”!

 I mentioned that October 1st was my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.  Over the past two months, I have been planning and figuring out how to remotely pull off an anniversary party for them.

We searched and searched for a party house near my hometown to hold a party, only to discover that there seems to be no such animal!  We thought about using their church, but in so doing, we would feel the need to invite their church family.  I really wanted to keep the gathering “intimate”, inviting family.

One morning, off the top of my head, I mentioned to Mark a beautiful  golf course that I had passed by some thirty years ago.  I wondered if they had a room that we could rent.

We looked online for information, and sure enough, they were open to such occasions.  We talked with the manager and it looked like a go! This spot is located in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania  in a rather “off the beaten path” location.

I sent invitations to aunts and uncles and cousins and waited to hear back.  Mark contacted my parents’ favorite local band and we were on our way!

I had to concoct a rather elaborate lie….I told my parents Mark had received tickets for several free dinners at a “participating” golf course.  I told my dad we were taking him for his birthday, which was September 25,  but since we were busy, we would have to do it on October 12.  My parents bit, and everything was set into motion!

I have been shopping and planning for today with so much excitement! Let me tell you, when my parents entered the room where their relatives sat and everyone shouted out, “Happy Anniversary!” they were totally stunned!

The whole event was a grand success. The company was great. The band was fabulous. And the food….PERFECT!  I will post more tomorrow when I am a bit more awake! For now, I shall mull the wonderful day and relax until my eyes grow heavy and close!