The Walking Stick

This morning, Michelle called for me from outside.  She sounded kind of excited….

Can you see *it* in the photo below?


This little walking stick was making its way through the back yard.  Amazing insects, as they really do look just like a stick that is moving!


The kids had Bible Study tonight, so we left the house a little early to run a bunch of errands beforehand.  I stopped at the end of the driveway and took a photo towards the house…..


And one looking down our road.


This is the hill that we live on. At the top, there is a site that was cleared for the crazy adventurous folks that like to attach themselves to a kite and fly like birds down to the valley floor below.  (hang gliders) If you click to enlarge the photo, you can see the clearing for these suicidal types. 


You can also see the beautiful colors of autumn alive on the hillside.  We are being blessed with the most terrific weather! It is warm, sunny, and (daresay I?) nearly balmy.  The night temperatures are cool, but pleasant.  Oh, if only autumn would linger on here for a bit!