I Should SO Be Sleeping!

Mark and the kids got up and we were outside to work at about 10 this morning.

I guess the cool weather has rejuvenated my body, as I felt so good cutting firewood!  We had a mess of four large oak trees that tumbled down in close proximity too one another, making for easy cutting.  I cut for about two hours and we figured I must have cut about 2 1/2 face cords of wood. (A face cord is 8′ long, 4′ tall, and whatever the length of the pieces.)  Not too bad! The kids grabbed up the pieces I cut and stacked them  against trees in the woods.  We generally cut all the wood, then Mark and the kids gather it and split it.

When I finished cutting, I felt a bit stiff (like the tin man) from bending over to cut.  I hadn”t mowed the grass in the upper part of the backyard in about a month, so I decided this might be just the ticket to loosen up my back.  The grass (more like WEEDS!) back there was about 8 inches long, so it took longer than usual to cut.  I finished that little task, and Mark asked for something to eat. The kids were too wound up to eat, as they had a teen skate tonight.  I grilled a chicken breast for Mark and gave him some coleslaw I made yesterday.  After that, it was off to get ready to take the kids to the skate.

Mark and I sat in the truck, watching Myth Busters that Mark had recorded at home. He is able to connect to the box they are on and we watched on his cell phone. Ah, the wonders of technology!

Finally, the clock said 10, and it was time to get the kids and head home. We arrived home at about 11:30.  A very long day! The good news is that we now have much of the wood we need for the winter months.  The skies were crystal clear tonight, and it is COLD out there!