Hope This Isn’t Too Graphic!

Let me preface this by stating it was not poor little Murphy’s fault…..

The other day when I took Michelle down to Cindy’s house to work, Ben went along with me.

Upon our arrival back to the house,  Ben called me over to see what “Murphy did on the floor”. Thinking that perhaps the little lad had an untimely accident on the floor,  I was rather shocked and mortified to see the (tiny) remains of a (heretofore UNOPENED) bag of microwave popcorn strewn about on the floor.  How the pup found this was beyond me. (Of course, my active imaginings can easily see a laddie pushing a chair across the floor to the table where said bag might have been resting. After all, those with short legs must rectify the situation by using their brains! And, have you ever noticed how LARGE the head of a Scottie is in comparison to the body?) Furthermore, lacking opposable thumbs, HOW did the clever fellow remove the cellophane overwrap? (Yes, it was on the floor as well, looking as though it had been somewhat neatly removed!)

The next day, Ben called upstairs to me….

“Mom, you need to come down and clean up the Payday Candy off the floor!”

As I came upon the scene of the crime,  I nearly lost it! (Yes, the kernels of popcorn were now embedded, making the whole mess appear strikingly similar to a Payday Candy Bar!)

So, pass the Payday Bars around, eh? And no, no photographs!!!

How About Some Color?

This morning, we were treated to some sunshine peeking through the clouds and some very chilly winds! The whole day has been rather chilly, but as I walked about outside, I enjoyed the brisk air so much!

The trees are slowly transforming from their summer greens to the glorious autumnal colors that are so striking…..yes, autumn is here!

I thought I would treat my dear readers to some Bristolwood color today.  We are wondering if we are going to have the resplendent colors we so love, as it seems the leaves are dropping nearly as soon as they turn! A most unusual situation….


Yes,  this Hickory tree is mostly green, but see the golden color beginning to show?  I just liked the contrasts against the blue sky and white clouds.


How is *this* for some color? (reminds me of candy corn!)





I love Fall! It has to be my favorite time of the year! I cannot get enough of the colors, scents, (is there anything like the smell of leaves on the ground?) and I love wearing cozy warm sweaters!  If only there was a way to “can” this time of the year…..