Wake Up, Katya! It’s Time for Bed!

Another adventurous day out of the Bristolwood today!

Mark had made plans to replace a bulb in his mom’s car today, so we were supposed to leave home at about 10 am.  Well, ten came and went….and eleven….and noon! Finally, around 12:30, we were on our way.

I had plugged my cell phone in last night to charge, but, silly me! I didn’t make sure the other end of the charging cord was plugged into the wall.  When I unplugged my phone, it immediately gave me a “low battery” message, then died.  No problem! A few years ago, I bought the cutest little inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter in the vehicles.

Shortly after we were on the road, I got out my electric charging cord and plugged it into the lighter. Then I plugged in the cell phone.  Within seconds, Angus began acting quite strangely and Mark suddenly yelled! I looked down, and my sweet little inverter was smoking up a storm! We quickly unplugged everything.  Gads, I would hate to think one of the vehicles would have been burned up in a fire because I left the phone plugged in and left the truck alone.

We stopped at the auto supply store near my mother-in-law’s house and bought three different sets of bulbs for Mark’s mom’s car. We figured if we had every possibility,  we would be covered. Not so! After replacing the bulb, we noticed the turn signal was flashing “white” instead of amber like the other one. Mark called the store, and after a little research, the guy  found the amber bulb we needed. Michelle and I drove back down to the store (through a considerably long detour, no less!) and within minutes of our return, the new amber bulb was emitting a lovely golden  glow!

After finishing the bulb change,  we headed to the back yard to see the huge cherry tree that was cut down a couple of days ago. The company that took it down did so quite nicely. They left all of the wood cut into about 4 foot sections. I took my chainsaw down into the little ravine and began cutting the wood into firewood-length pieces. I cut, Ben hauled the wood up the hill, and Michelle loaded the wood into the truck bed.  Within about 15 or 20 minutes, the truck was filled to its capacity.

Upon completing all of the work we set out to do, we said our good-byes and were off to do a bit of shopping. As we travelled across the expressways of Rochester,  we saw the most fabulous and powerful-looking clouds!

I will leave you with no further commentary. We arrived home shortly after 9 this evening, and after unloading the truck and carrying groceries in, I am exhausted. I *nearly* fell asleep with the laptop propped on my knees!