A Ride Through the Woods

The weather has made a 180 degree turn and has gone from winter-like  conditions to nearly balmy spring-like conditions today!  The sunshine was splendid and the air, amazing! The sky was bright blue most of the day and it called to “come out and play”!

As I said yesterday, we do still have some marvelous color remaining. How about golden oak leaves against an ocean of blue?


The air felt so pure and delicious, it just felt sinful to sit inside the house today. The woods beckoned and called to come explore….


The kids had a little dinner party this afternoon and evening.  Michelle and her friend made pizzas and Michelle had spent much of the past two days baking some tasty treats.

The kids were playing Rock Band,  so I decided to go outside for a little ride on the ATV to briefly see the woods.


Up in the back of our property, the elevation rises quite a bit, so there are few leaves left on the trees up there. The floor of the woods is carpeted in fallen leaves, so much so, that a rustling sound can be heard even above the noise of the engine!

I am not sure if I mentioned it here before or not, but the previous owner of the property had planned to make a snowmobile resort of the woods.  He actually inherited over 400 acres (I think that is right) and wanted to run a bulldozer through the woods to create trails for winter riders.  Somehow, the plans failed…probably because snow here just “ain’t what it used to be”.  This worked to our advantage, however, as we now have the most beautiful ATV trails through the woods!


Of course, not everything is terrific in the woods….like wild grapvines that tangle up and attack saplings and trees!


How about this mess of grapevines? Argh!


We own 20 acres of woodland. We have no clearings other than the ones we made for the house, garage, and septic field. Since we heat mainly with firewood, this again works to our advantage, as several trees fall every year, making it very easy to access our heating supply!




I am so biting at the bit to start cutting these logs up so they can season for a year. We will pile the cut wood against trees and then gather it up next spring. Of course, we will have some wood left over this winter as well, as we do every year.

As I wandered back towards the house, I passed under a big pine tree…I think we have a grand total of maybe 15 or 20 pines on our entire property!


We do leave many trees that are dead, standing, as wildlife finds good use for them. As you can see, this red oak probably has an ant colony inside and the woodpeckers love dining here!


My ride was so enjoyable, but far too short! I didn’t want to leave the kids too long, so  I headed back to the house, just in time for a slice of freshly-baked pizza! Ah, life is good!

Still Color in the Bristolwood

It is not as colorful  as a week ago, but after all the cold, snow, and high winds, it is somewhat surprising there are any leaves on the trees!


We have seen many of these squirrel nests high up in the trees.



We were graced with golden sunshine and bright blue skies today. Even with the sun, though, the air was very “nippy”.  I enjoyed the little wintry blast we had, but it makes me wonder if it is a sign of things to come! We still need just a little more firewood, and we will be set for the winter months ahead.

The birds have been feeding like crazy,too.  With November about to roll around, it really is time to batten down the hatches and soon nestle in for some cold weather!

Is This Really October?

That is the million dollar question! It is hard to believe the past two days were really October. They seemed more like late November or December!  This afternoon,  the weatherman said by Friday, we will experience “springlike” conditions. Talk about nutty, changeable weather!

Michelle had to work this morning, so upon my return home, I stopped in Woodville.  Boy, how the lake changed in the past few days!


I am feeling all better after my bout with the bug. I never developed a cough like everyone else that has had this bug. I can credit it either to my terrific immune system,  or (possibly more likely) that concoction I kept taking faithfully.

I felt so much better today, I went grocery shopping! Michelle and Ben are having friends over Friday night, so Michelle had a list a mile long for me.  It felt so great to be out again, and especially not having the cold air making me cough! Amazing.

I took the back road home and at the top of out hill, the scenery was very “winter wonderland”. I loved the way the trees looked as though they were frosted…


Michelle met some friends after work and Ben joined them for dinner. I dropped him off and then sat and read some while waiting for them.  The kids love eating at our local Chinese restaurant.   On the way home, I took a night shot of Woodville. It was dark out and I could barely make out the figures of some ducks on the water. I love the way this photo came out….looking more like a surreal painting than a photograph! (the snow falling only adds another dimension)


I had placed a meatloaf in the crockpot late this morning, so when I got home with the kids, I hurried and made a batch of mashed potatoes and cooked up some green beans with butter and garlic. Poor Mark had been waiting for us to come home for his dinner. By the time I finished the dishes and got everything put away, it was nearly 8:30! Not too bad for my first day up and on my feet all day! It feels *so* good to feel good!

My, How the Winds do Howl!

Another day without  photos. 

If I would have spent any time outside today, (other than taking the Scotties out a few times)  I would have had to don some extremely warm winter clothing!

The wind is howling like crazy….we haven’t seen winds like this in some time! I heard reports on the radio about areas that have actually received accumulations of snow! Sadly, the Bristolwood temperature hovered right above freezing all day.  We got rain, then a few huge snowflakes, but then it turned back to rain again.  Believe me, that rain was cold! And, driven by the wild winds….

 At one point, Michelle placed a sweater on Murphy and a little red parka on Angus to take them outside.  I guess I should have gotten my camera, but I was so tired today.  Anyway, the poor little Scotties put their noble heads to the ground, looking up with the whites of their eyes sorrowfully showing.  Of course, as soon as they returned inside, I removed the silly apparel and they both rolled about on the carpeting, once again enjoying their “au naturel” attire!

The bug is nearly gone, but today I was very tired!  I am pleased to report that I still have had little coughing!  I have been drinking a swig of the cough-reducing formula three times a day.  I would gladly drink that if it meant no coughing!

Back to dreams of my tiny log cabin…….

Wish I Lived in the Adirondacks!


Enjoy the photo of the pretty oak leaves. It was the only photo I took today! I am still trying to rest to overcome the “bug”.  Instead of feeling too badly today, my face itches and I am easily agitated. Rather than getting into a brawl, I chose to take the passive course of least resistance, that is,  hiding away in the bedroom and keeping to myself!

So, you ask…..Why would I want to live in the Adirondacks?  Well, they are supposed to get some real winter weather in the next day or two!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but having grown up in a real snow belt,  I love winter weather! I love snow….I don’t even mind being snowbound! Just one more little challenge in the many challenges of life, you know!

I have been daydreaming about what it would be like to be snugly tucked away in a tiny log cabin,  snow falling around,  with no electricity, and a warm and cozy fire to keep me company! Not everyone’s “dream”,  but well……what can I say? (I was even browsing the internet looking at little log cabins! Doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?)


A few days ago, when we got freezing temperatures,  we carried a little electric heater out to the camper to make sure the plumbing wouldn’t freeze and break.  We normally would have had the camper winterized by now, but this year has been so busy! With Mark not feeling well for several days,  the little heater kept the camper toasty inside.

Last night, as I was lying in bed (feeling so miserably sorry for myself, but don’t tell anyone!)  the weather forecast was using phrases like “lake effect rain and snow” and “rapidly dropping temperatures”.  This struck a note of urgency in my  sickly body, making me promise that today we would surely blow out the water lines in the camper and winterize it.  And, so we did! Great sighs of relief!

After finishing the camper, I wandered back upstairs and rested in bed. Last night,  I kept seeing myself as a French White Corelle casserole dish….that is, being taken from the oven to the  freezer.  One minute, I was burning up, the next, I was shivering like a leaf!  I decided to take it easy  today! I have discovered that by resting more than usual, I can usually shake bugs off quickly.

I did take a few photos, just outside the bedroom window. As you can see, the trees are still sporting some pretty color!



After resting a bit, I got up and decided to remove the leaves off the cover of the pool.  They make such a mess, decomposing on top of the cover with the help of water from rain.  I got all the leaves off, then removed most of the water as well.

When I was shopping yesterday, Mark asked me to pick up some cough medicine, as he was tired of having a headache from constantly coughing.  While I was at the store,  he looked online and found a recipe that is supposed to help reduce coughing and decided that might be better than taking the medicine. We had all the ingredients, except apple cider vinegar, which I picked up.

Last night, Michelle played chemist, mixing up the concoction, comprised of cayenne pepper,  ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar, and water.  After reading the benefits of all the ingredients, I decided to take some of the wonder cough reducer.  WheeeeeeHAW! The cayenne made me feel like Puff the Magic Dragon, and the other stuff just tasted really STRONG  hideous!  I have been taking this stuff, 3 teaspoons at a time, and have not had any coughing.  Could it be?

Under the Weather…

Mark has been hacking and coughing from some stupid cold bug that seems to be making its rounds all over.  I used to get colds whenever anyone breathed  on me, but it seems like the past couple of years, I have been dodging the colds going around.  Until last night.

I took the kids and a couple of their friends to the mall yesterday for a few hours and spent the time looking around.  I rarely get the “urge” to shop, but it was kind of fun with no restrictions or kids calling out to look at this and that!

By the time we were heading home, *it* was beginning to hit.  My throat began to tighten and I felt miserable.  I don’t have a sore throat, but scratchy and yucky. 

Our red skies led to some wild winds last night, and then during the night, the monsoons began!  Fortunately, we didn’t get those pounding, out-of-control rains that just refuse to stop. Instead, it came down steadily and at a “nice” rate! However…..

Michelle went to work this morning, and I took her down.  After that, I drove to Canandaigua to pick up some things that were needed.  I couldn’t balk when I had to walk what seemed like a mile to get to the store, since everyone else had taken the close parking spots.  There was  no one  around to hear me grumble since the umbrella was removed from the Explorer, so  I just kept my comments to myself!  I did get drenched, though!

I came home and went to bed, shivering and feeling very cold! I only slept about half an hour, then went down to pick Michelle up from work.  As I was driving down the hill to pick her up,  I looked far across the valley.  I thought I saw a waterfall, but was unsure. And, since I was so miserable I could hardly move my body, I did NOT carry a camera with me.

As Michelle and I ascended up the hill towards home,  I asked her if she had her camera. Yes, she did!  We got up to the place where I had seen the waterfall and she snapped a photo.  Michelle’s camera only has 3x optical zoom, so the waterfall isn’t greatly visible.


It is supposed the Finger Lakes were formed by glacial movement, thus creating deep crevices throughout the hills.  The waterfall I happened to observe was the result of our abundant rainfall.

I was rather pleased with myself….I am usually daydreaming and sometimes miss such unusual “scapes”! All that, even while feeling totally miserable!!!