Where Did Today Go?

As always, I was up bright and early this morning.  I fed the Scottie boys, took them outside, then turned on the laptop briefly to check on blogs.  I was a bit bleary-eyed, but was impressed by Bill’s list of things beginning with the letter “D”! (especially his #11!)

I washed some dishes and did some tidying, then decided to take a bath before heading out to Canandaigua to buy groceries.  By the time I looked at the clock, it was after nine. Mark had some deposits to be made at the bank and a parcel to drop off at the post office. By the time I walked out the door,  it was close to ten!

Since I was all alone, I decided that I would take my time….well, a little, anyway! I drove down to the lake to take the “long” road and as I was driving down the hill, the sun poked out just for a few seconds,  forming a “heavenly spotlight”!


The little bit of sun lit up the brightly-colored leaves on the trees, making them even more beautiful!


Driving down this lake road is so amazing,  as I don’t think it is more than four or five miles from our house, as the crow flies.   The houses along the road are unlike anything I had ever seen before! They are grand and beautiful and simply incredible.  Just for grins, I stopped at an impressive timberframe house that is for sale to take a leaflet with details. The house is relatively small, but comes with lake frontage (65′) and a timberframe boathouse.  I nearly fainted when I saw the asking price; it was a “mere” one-million, one hundred-fifty thousand dollars! 

As I drove on, I was thinking to myself that I would love to see what this area was like 100 years ago.  As I was thinking this,  one of those bright blue New York State signs caught my eye.


As I looked at the property behind the sign,  it appeared to be overgrown with lots of “weedy” trees,  but I didn’t see any signs of peach or apple trees.  There is a gigantic Sycamore tree located within a few yards of the sign and I would venture to guess that tree must be well over 150 years old.  In fact, I wonder if it wasn’t of the same vintage as the orchard referred to on the sign.

I drove on, enjoying my little outing and relaxing as there was no other traffic on the road.  I went to Lowe’s to return some unused hardware, then stopped by WalMart to grab some groceries.  It was on to the bank, post office, and then Wegman’s to pick up produce.  By the time I was ready to leave, my phone rang and Mark and the kids asked me to pick up some food on my way home.

I went over to a plaza to stop in the parking lot for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe the number of Seagulls sitting in the parking lot! What in the world was attracting them? As I sat there, they suddenly began lifting up, filling the sky.  The Gulls…….


On the way home, I passed this (ohsogorgeousIwouldlovetoliveinthis) BARN!!! As you can see, it is all decked out for the Autumn season. I think you could fit at least six of my houses in there!


While I was at WalMart, I got this brilliant idea to make a little craft project to add a little bit of color to the front door. (I am planning on replacing that ugly door sometime this winter!)  I bought a tiny scarecrow for 94 cents, some pretty plaid autumn-colored ribbon, and a 97 cent sprig of autumn-colored leaves.

After the kids helped me put the groceries away, Ben went up into the woods and cut some wild grapevines down for me. He brought them home and I fashioned them into a small wreath.  I added my scarecrow, made up a nice bow, then glued on some of the leaves and voila!


I fixed chicken on the grill for dinner, along with a tossed salad and mixed veggies. By the time I finished the dishes, it was well after seven o’clock! My, oh my…whatever happened to this day?

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  1. That second picture is gorgeous. I’m trying not to notice our leaves starting to turn – like An Honest Man said, we haven’t had a proper summer, so to see them starting to herald autumn is just too depressing!

  2. Thanks Carly and Bill. I used to always have a “spot” of color on the door when the kidds were little, but now, I am just so zapped all the time, I don’t decorate.

    Summer? Well, the sun-worshippers here would agree with Jackie. We had little warm (or hot, YAY!!!) weather this year! This morning when I took the Scottie boys out, I could actually see my breath! Not sure if it was the temperature, or a combination of temperature and humidity! It is QUITE chilly, though! (I LOVE it!!)

  3. I love your little wreath. Right now I have a cinnamon broom with fall foliage on my red front door. I always keep something there, it makes me feel good.

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