Tisn’t Easy Being a Computer Dummy!

Okay, so I understand that the Newsboys won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,  but after seeing them in concert, (twice) I guess I am way biased!

When I was out on my little grocery run this afternoon,  on the way home, I cranked the radio in my car way LOUD and let this rip…..(I think there is a way to embed You Tube on blogs, but such things are way above my head. I DO, however, know how to cut and paste.  Am quite proficient at it, actually!)

Oh, there is a lot of drumming going on in this song, and NO ONE can beat Duncan Phillips, in my book….he is the MOST fantastic drummer!!!! (how many drummers can play on a vertical plane, after all?)


 Oh yeah, PLEASE don’t tell my kids about this little confession of mine!

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  1. The embedding is just copy and paste too – to the right of the vid (if you see it in its small size) is a box where you can either copy the URL, or underneath it is the code for”embed”, which you then just copy and paste straight in.

    For wordpress blogs, it means when you write your post you need to switch to the “html” tag rather than the “visual” tag (top right of the post) in order for the code to be translated into the relevant thing rather than just appearing in the post as code. Sorry if I’m telling you how to suck eggs! I was very excited when I figured the html tag out!

  2. Jackie, you are a GEM!!!!! There was no way I was going to figure that out on my own. Mark could have told me…probably…but he is so busy with paperwork, I just feel like I cannot bother him right now!


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