Ten Things I Love that Begin With the Letter “K”

While visiting my friend Lisanne at her blog, she had a fun little meme called ten things I love that begin with the letter “b”.  She did such a fantastic job! She offered to pass along a letter for anyone who wanted to participate, so I asked and got the letter “k”.  That is a little tough, but I will try!

1. I love knowing  God through reading His word.  This pretty much doesn’t need a lot of explanation, eh? 

2. I love knitting. I wish I had more time to knit…..I used to only crochet, but my neighbor, Mrs. Kennedy (another K!!) encouraged me to try knitting. She kept telling me, “There are *only* two stitches to learn, after all!”  I was a knitting maniac while Ben was a baby, but I have not knit in years.

3. I love my name! My given name is Kae. I was named for my grandfather, Kay. Grandpa Kester (another K!!!) was my favorite person when I was little! He was always a little hard of hearing, and he always hummed….he was just such a kind and happy person!

4. I love the name Katya! When I was little, my parents and relatives all called me Katie. I guess they actually still do! The name Katya is the Russian equivalent of Katie, and I really like it.  Mark has never called me Kae,  and if he did, I don’t think I would know who he was talking to!

5. I love kayaking! Goodness, there was no way I would have ever gotten photos of my friend the Eagle if it weren’t for my little inflatable kayak! It is so much fun being able to spend time paddling with the kids.

6. I love my kids! They absolutely drive me batty from time to time, but that is only because they are now teens.  That’s okay, cause I know in a few years, they will get over it!

7. I love keeping my blog! It is such a fun outlet for ideas and posting my day-to-day activities.  It has helped sharpen my photography skills and just have some fun with my online friends!

8. I love visiting Ken Rockwell’s site where there is some good information about photography, and ADORABLE pictures of his two little ones!  I have enjoyed reading about my camera (Nikon D-80)  there.

9. I love my kettle …..tea kettle, that is! It is a Windsor Whistling Kettle that Mark bought me for Mother’s Day many years ago.  It is such a source of comfort when pressures get out of control from time to time!

10.  I love kamping. Kamping doesn’t start with a “k”? Oops! Well, it SOUNDS like it should!  Wow….finding “k” things is KIND of tough! BUT, that makes me kind of rare, eh?

 Well, this was fun, although I must admit I had to do some thinking!  I really didn’t want to write that I love things like kangaroos or koalas! And, if you should decide you might like to try this challenge, just give me a heads up. I promise I won’t give out “z” or “q”…..

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