How Did I Get Talked Into This?

The Naples Grape Festival is not something I anticipate throughout the year.  No, I really am not into huge crowds, chaos, and craziness!  The festival attracts about 100,000 people every year. That is a huge number for a village of probably less than 2,000!

Michelle was expected at work early this morning, so I drove her down. We arrived before 8 am and the craziness was just beginning.  The photo below accurately exhibits the weather this morning….


I stopped in Woodville on the return trip home.  Everything was so dismal, just like yesterday!  The only bright spot was the intense colors of vegetation. Seems like everything that is green is “very” green, and the foliage that is turning is turning rapidly.


I took the photo of the fog this afternoon when I passed through Woodville again. That blanket of fog never moved all day!


Michelle finished her work early this afternoon and a few of her friends  met her afterwards. I had the privilege of driving Ben down to catch up with the others. Naples is a small village, but the main street runs probably almost two miles long. We parked the Explorer at the very edge of the village. This meant a rather lengthy hike was in store.

I saw some of the most unique people I have ever seen. I saw some of the most unique things I have ever seen.  And in the process, my poor legs got awfully tired!

I passed several volunteer firemen staged along the main street with a boot in their hands, collecting donations for the fire department.


As I walked along the street, I took this photo. It was taken at about 2 pm.  As you can clearly see, getting in and out of the village would require a good bit of patience!


I had to go back to get the kids a little after 6 pm.  The festival ended, officially, at 5.  So, in the course of four hours, this is what the village looked like in its amazing transformation….


This is what yours truly looked like from being drenched most of the day! I guess I could have just sat in the car, but I needed some produce from the market located at the opposite end of town. Thus, I walked in the drizzling rain that never “turned off” throughout the day!


I did discover one booth that was selling photography. The wife takes beautiful photos and the husband mats and frames them, I was told.  I got excited when I spotted a photo of an Eagle! I asked if the bird was the one on Canandaigua Lake! The answer was no, it was taken of the Eagle at the Seneca Park Zoo.  You know, I don’t mean to gloat, but I felt so smug as I walked away, knowing that I had actually captured the raptor in its natural environment!

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  1. Our fog lifted while I was sleeping this morning. I was a little bummed that we couldn’t make it to the festival this year, but after seeing how ‘drowned’ you look, I guess I don’t feel too bad. I think I would feel funny selling pictures of such a majestic animal that I took at a zoo. Unless, of course, I was selling said pictures at the zoo. I’m sure your eagle pictures are cooler anyway.

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