What is Dreich?

Well, it is a Scottish word, supposedly derived from a Scandinavian tongue. I did find on one site this definition:

A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich.

HA! This morning, we had ALL of those conditions, PLUS low-lying FOG!!!


This is how the scenic road to Naples looked early this morning, greeting attendees of the Naples Grape Festival! Can you say ugly?

Let’s see…when I woke up at 5:30 this morning, it was raining. I think it continued on steadily until about 7, then it turned to drizzle.  It was chilly, miserable, dark, dreary, and dismal. Is that enough adjectives, already?




I thought even the lake was looking kind of sorrowful.  As the day progressed, it did actually look a little better!  The clouds didn’t really dissipate, but every now and then, it did appear that the sun was going to shine through the bleakness.  I don’t think it ever did!

I felt terrible for the festival folks….both the vendors and attendees. But when I picked Michelle up from helping Cindy, I was told they had a pretty good day! I was glad to hear that. With the price of gas up and people feeling a bit unsure of the economy,  it is good to know that people are still enjoying these great fall festivals!

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  1. Good to hear a good time was had. And a fascinating word “dreich”: thank you.

    I must say I love fog; we do not get a great deal here, but when we do, I am happy. There is something about it. [Though you can keep the drizzle. :)]

  2. That does look pretty dreich, yes. Though as I could still see the greens and yellows of the leaves I think it has a way to go to reach Scottish dreich, which seems to turn everything grey! (it’s also relentless and feels never-ending!).

    Great pictures though, despite the weather!

  3. Wow, dreich sound so much nicer then yuck! We are having the same kind of weather here. When I did craft fairs, I hated this kind of weather–dry crummy weather was good for business, or out and out terrible weather usually lead to a rain date but this not bad enough to close but too misty and wet to trust displaying soaps etc was the worst!

  4. Ian, egads!!!! Jackie is from England, so she must know all about fog…it can be a terribly debilitating and sometimes deadly thing to deal with. When we moved here several years ago, there was a “season” of fog. There was more than one terrible accident then, and the worst was three small children killed when a school bus rear-ended the small car the mother was driiving. The fog was so thick at that time, it was impossible to see even five feet in front of yourself.

    Jackie….I think everything appearing gray would be pretty sad. We DO get that, but that is in the winter here! Especially when there is little to no snow. It gets extremely COLD and dismal then. That is when most folks here get cabin fever, but I don’t mind it. I am hibernnating!!!! hahaha

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