So Long, Buffalo!

Viewing this photo of last night’s campfire made me realize that our time spent at the Buffalo Sabres’ training camp seems like a distant memory now….In fact, the time flew by so fast betweeen early Wednesday morning when we left and this evening when we returned!


On the way home, the realization hit hard that we will not be seeing these players again as we did these few days,  but rather,  on the television screen.  There is something about seeing the team “in the flesh” that makes one feel as though they “know” the guys.

As we bustled off this morning to see the practice,  as we came closer and closer to Buffalo, I grabbed the Nikon camera from its bag. Mark asked why I was getting my camera out, and all I could think to answer was “for some drive-by shooting”!  However, with Buffalo being “being on the map”, so to speak,  for its high number of crimes,  I told Mark I was going to take some pictures.

Please understand that some of these were taken going 30 miles per hour down the streets of Buffalo! That Nikon is pretty fast! The first photo was dark and “muddy”, so as I lightened it, the sky turned this light, almost aquamarine color. Trust me, it was much more dismal, almost gray!


I don’t think I have ever seen a building with a three-dimensional Fleur de Lis before! And, HOW does that thing stay in good shape with the wind, rain, sleet, and snow pounding on it? (Yes, Buffalo is the capital of “bad snow jokes”.)


Apologies for being totally ignorant as to what buildings bear this beautiful detailing, but, it seemed a bit hard to decipher names as we whizzed past….


This last bit of architectural extravaganza blew my socks off….


The entire buillding is trimmed in these pretty ladies with their bonnets!

I *was* going to keep hockey strictly from this last entry concerning our little adventure. But….how could I not show just a couple of photos. They are architectural, I prommise!

I showed a photo of one of the entrances to the HSBC Arena depicting buffaloes above it. Well, the buffalo relief and this one of a “flying” goalie are interspersed at the entrances. I really liked them both!


And here is a photo of the HSBC Arena.


As soon as we arrived home, we brought a good deal of our “stuff” from the camper to the house. It hit me like a ton of bricks…..

What now? Goodness, I miss Buffalo, our camping experience, and the Buffalo Sabres!

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  1. It’s time to start marking the calendar to watch the games on TV! Just like we do with the Nascar races. We plan special “race food” to snack on during the race… some days it works out to be a meal depending on the time of the race. I can see it now… hockey puck hamburgers with hockey stick french fries. or Buffalo wings… ok I’m not very imaginative, but you get the idea. LOL
    Going to see your favorite team practice is so cool! Us northerners can’t see a Nascar team practice without traveling at least 500 miles or better!

  2. Glad you made it back safely from your sidetrip to Buffalo. It is a pretty cool city, isn’t it? We’ve never actually spent much time there….as you said…it’s usually “drive by”…LOL The buildings you took are very cool looking. I haven’t been there in a long time. In my younger years, we used to go to the Bills games. Trust me, you can see more watching from the comfort of your very own living room. AND you don’t freeze your butt off!! Hockey season will be here before you know it….better start working on your special menus!

  3. Aha! TWO sports fans! Jeanne, I tell ya, there is nothing like that frosty fresh air in the HSBC Arena!!! Weehaw! I was shivering every now and then, but breathing in that air felt so terrific. I love cold air….I always feel better because of it. Today, when I went into the bathroom while Mark was showering, I thought I was going to pass out. I started gasping for air and felt so stressed physically! It was AWFUL!

    Terri….there is only one thing to eat during hockey…..Buffalo chicken wings! Yup, that is what Mark wants on game night. Can you believe it? When he was in the hospital from the spinal surgery nine years ago this past May, I actually made chicken wings here at home and raced (45 miles) to Strong Memorial Hospital to deliver them!!!! He and his room mate loved them. I guess the celery would serve as sticks!!! hehehe

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