I’ve Heard it Said…

that in the world of hockey,  a team is only as good as their goalie. Well, the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres is Ryan Miller.  Ryan has had some spectacular games, but last year seemed to go a bit “flat”.  In his defense,  he did suffer a terrible loss early in the season when his cousin passed away at a very young age.

So, here is to a great seaon for Ryan and the entire Sabres team!

I really liked this photo of Miller, but it does need some touch-up. The lighting stinks!


Carly asked yesterday if Maxim Afinogenov posed for the camera yesterday….well, when the guys are on the ice, it is sometimes easy to get some funny shots. I liked this one that looks as though Miller is telling me he has had enough!


I liked this one, too!


The HSBC Arena is home to the Buffalo Sabres and is located downtown. I have seen some of the most fabulous buildings there within walking distance.  Oh, how I  long to be  able to walk along the sidewalks and capture the intricate details on some of those buildings!

The tree frogs are out senenading once again and the campground is still  peaceful!