Scenes from the Lake

I got to spend considerable time around Canandaigua Lake today, even though I did a lot of other things.

We had to have a piece on our camper awning replaced, as it was damaged when the new awning was put on.  Mark had talked to the service center, and they agreed to send a man out to make the repair.  Shortly after nine this morning,  the man came by.

The repairman happened to be one of the most animated and lovable fellows we have seen in a llong time.  Mark wanted to be outside when he came to make sure there were no more “accidents” as the damage to one of the awning members ocurred while being repaired! Mark also wanted me to watch, as he just wanted to make sure everything turned out well.

Our repairman had a huge handlebar moustache and was more fun than anyone I know! He and Mark hit it off right away, and soon, we were all talking like old friends! He worked as he talked, and it became evident that he was comfortable working very well while keeping conversation going!  We talked about so many things, but mostly about campers.

I had to go inside the house, and Angus was sitting right next to the door. I secured his leash and took him out. Well, didn’t he and our new friend, Larry, hit it off! Mark told him how much we love Scotties.  That brought up the topic of Scottie campers. They have not been made in years, and Larry, seeing how much we love the Scotties, wanted to know if we might like to buy an old one from him to fix up!

Mark is doing some digging about on the internet….people who own these Scottie campers have clubs and websites about their old campers! Oh, I forgot to mention that Larry’s grandfather came to the US from SCOTLAND!

Larry left shortly before noon! Then, I had to run Michelle down to Naples shortly thereafter.  As I was driving home,  I saw the eagle perched in the tree. I raced home and asked Ben if he wanted to go kayaking for an hour. 

We got down to the boat launch and paddled over to see our friend. As I approached, there was a man in a kayak, sporting TWO Nikon cameras, photographing the bird.  He said that over the course of about three years, the bird has finally grown use to humans and now sits patiently above, while humans snap  photos and talk to it!


I got into the door at about 2:20 and headed about 15 miles up the road to the garage to have my brakes adjusted.  This is from the repair I had done a couple weeks ago, and the mechanic worked on it for about 45 minutes. No charge…he said he should have done the procedure before, but didn’t know about it. This fellow is a Sherriff’s deputy and he is just fabulous! Mark and I are both tickled pink with his service and honesty!

I returned home at about five, then had to get some things set up for Mark. We were supposed to pick Michelle up at 5, but she switched it to 5:30.  Ben and I raced down to pick her up, then raced to Middlesex for youth group.

 The following were taken whille waiting on the kids…..