Off On a Tangent Today!

Michelle had some work today, so we dropped her off and decided to take a ride. It has been a while since we have gone off with no particular itinerary.  It really felt good….years ago, Mark and I used to get in the car and just take off for unknown destinations.

We took a road along the bottom of the lake that goes on up the east side. Mark went down a side road that crosses over West River. I had never traveled along this leg of the river in the kayak and Mark had never seen it before.

As we stopped at a boat launch there, we saw a Heron standing in the water.  I  got out to take a picture…..


The river was pretty grungy here. There was a lot of algae and seaweed growing in the river, but the Heron could care less! I didn’t notice how the pretty autumnal trees reflected in the water until I looked at the photo. Cool!

I cropped the photo a bit for a better look at the Heron.


We drove over to Geneva and took a look at the Extreme Home Makeover house.  It looks like things have settled down in the neighborhood and are back to normal. The house is amazing and all of the lawns that were destroyed by curious onlookers earlier this summer are now lush and green,  probably looking better than before!

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner and then leisurely drove back home.

Shamefully (to me) I only took the one photo of the Heron today.  It was such a dreary day and somehow, I just had a hard time even thinking about photography…..