(Almost) No Photos Today!

We all know that we need some rain to fall in our lives from time to time so we will appreciate the sunny days.  So, we are told.  Well, Mark is swimming in some paperwork that needs his attention, and I have been doing some remedial work with the kids as well. All I know is that if I ever get “behind” again, I am going to scream!

This morning got off to a really cool start. I got up shortly before 6 am….has anyone else noticed how the darkness is closing in later and later into the morning hours? I cleaned up a few dishes from last night and fed the Scottie boys. By the time the boys were done eating, the skies had lightened up and the sky was a gorgeous sapphire blue color.

As the Scotties walked about outside, I heard a distinct call high in the sky. If you have never heard the “call” of a vulture, it sounds a good deal like a crow with a sore throat!  I looked up and saw such a sight! The vultures were circling (hmmm….wonder if they were considering the Scotties?) high in the sky…..the moon was still straight up and it looked as though those enormous birds were encircling the moon!  I immediately consoled myself it was okay that the camera was in the house, as  trying to photograph anything with the Scottie boys is impossible.

Later in the day, I walked down to the mailbox and this pretty oak leaf caught my eye…


Mark spent the better part of today doing paperwork and I was busy with the kids.  By late this afternoon, Mark must have recognized that I was about to lose my mind from being captivated in the house all day, and he sent me over to Honeoye to pick up a pizza. Getting out into the world was so refreshing,  and I had already planned the photos I was going to take.  As I drove, I noticed that the hills all looked “fuzzy”.  It wasn’t long before I realized that all those wonderfully clear days we had are behind us! The atmosphere was just totally ugly, and taking photos would have been senseless….

So, in thinking back to this morning and those vultures, I looked up!


The skies were so pretty! The entire sky was covered in the most impressive “marbled” clouds.  Everywhere I looked, the sky was prettier than the direction I had just seen!

I feel as though I am having withdrawal…from both not being outside and  from not being able to shoot photos! Phew, this just cannot continue!!!