It’s Definitely in the Air!

Something tells me that divulging my treasured “photographic secrets” in my last entry has caused my credibility to have become just a tad tarnished! How many folks carry their camera “props” (you know, the tripod and all the handy-dandy gadgets) with them everywhere they go? As it is, when Mark sees me coming to get into the truck to go for a ride with my Biker Babe bag, the Nikon camera bag, (rather large) the little Lumix camera bag, (rather tiny) and my laptop bag, he rolls his eyes…..I usually leave the tote bag at home, or place in in the back of the truck.

I decided that today, I should take a few photos that are more “safe”. You know, the type of photos that don’t require standing on one’s head, talking to wildlife, and such. I never made it out of the house to take photos, but a little photo op did present itself anyway!

I was washing the bedroom windows, one of the most boring and tiring jobs on the planet, when late afternoon sunlight broke through the canopy high in the trees and shone directly on one little area of autumnal-colored leaves. 


The leaves were so vibrant, almost glowing as though lit up and glimmering on their own! The colors drew me and so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of photos.


Autumn is certainly making her appearance.  Last night, on the weather forecast, the word “F-R-O-S-T” was even mentioned as it was threatening to pay a visit in the valley regions!  I have been enjoying the cool temperatures thoroughly, as this is the type of weather that feels so refreshing! As a matter of fact, I rested so well last night with the window cracked open, I slept in until seven this morning!

Did You Know?


That the moon has a (visible) equator?

Okay. Here’s the scoop! Yesterday, the entire day slipped right past me before I even noticed. The kids had to go to their Bible study in Canandaigua last night, so I dropped them off, then ran errands….and errands….and errands.  Before I knew it, the night had gotten away from me, too!

Bound and determined to take some photos, I noticed the big semi-degraded Harvest Moon. This time, instead of a white illumination, it was golden! The next problem presenting itself was that I would need a tripod. Well…….

Since I had neither tripod nor monopod, I would have to simply “make do”.  Since we were already in a nice flat area, (a plaza parking lot in Canandaigua) I decided to risk having someone report me!  I purposefully walked forth to the nearest light pole, wrapped myself around it as best I could, and snapped some shots! It actually worked quite well, but in hindsight, I must have resembled the “town drunk”, trying to stabilize myself after a hefty binge!

It was only this morning, when I looked at the photos  that I noticed a telephone line running through the moon, neatly dissecting it into two nearly identically sized halves. Oh, and the other two lights are not UFO’s, but merely street lamps!