The Great Buzzard Showdown

 Or, call me Mrs. Doolittle!

Early this morning when the Scottie boys and I went outside, it was obvious something was “in the air”. Both of the Scotties kept putting their noses to the wind and sniffing.  They even gave me a bit of a hard time, lunging on their leashes, which they rarely ever do.

Later in the morning, I was working in the bedroom when I heard a rather new and different noise. I somehow knew this was not a sick crow, but that perhaps the turkey vultures were back. I grabbed my camera, resolved that I would capture one of those birds! I guess I have lived with my Scotties long enough that their stubborn, tenacious nature has taken hold somewhat of my usually complacent personality!

See what followed!


Hiding, indeed! Did it *really* think it was invisible?


I cropped one photo just to give a basic idea of how UGLY different this bird looks!


I began walking slowly towards this bird, while taking photos the entire time. Risky business, as the hill on which we live is a very steep grade! Fortunately for me, I have relatively good balance and can walk and chew gum  take photographs! These birds are BIG. There is no doubt about that!


As I walked towards the bird, I talked out loud to it. Amusing, were one of my neighbors to hear.  I told it how ugly it was….asked it why, considering how ugly it was, was I taking its picture?…you know, just mindless chatter to put my subject at ease! It did seem to work, as the bird allowed me to get in fairly close.

At this point, I thought it was going to fly away, but maybe instead, I just ruffled its feathers….hahaha…..


Since it considered me to be of no threat to its well-being, it began marching over to the side of the road where a poor raccoon didn’t make it.  YUCK!!!


To snack or not to snack in front of this crazed human….that is the question!


That did it! Off went the vulture into the sky!


In relating my vulture story to one of Michelle’s friends, he made mention that once in the air, there is little difference in the soaring and gliding patterns between a vulture and an eagle. He was right! And, they both have distinctive feathers when they soar. I guess one of the biggest differences is that eagles soar higher in the atmosphere.


I was disappointed my photos weren’t clearer, but happy that I did catch a bit of the vulture!