History A la Carte!

While traipsing about on Sunday,  I was all over the place; from a high mountaintop, to Vine Valley,  and several places in between! The area where we live is just so rich in things to see and do, as well as some interesting history.

I stopped at an area where Mark is allowed to pass with a key because he is disabled.  New York State offers this program to afford handicapped people access to areas and wildlife that they would otherwise miss.

I photographed some places for Mark to see in case he was interested, and as I was walking away, a small stone marker caught my eye.  The type of stone was rather different from ones found here, so it certainly caught my attention. As I turned toward it, I saw that a small plaque was mounted upon it.


The inscription upon the plaque reads as follows:

Nundawao  Legendary site of the first Seneca Indian village is just across the river.

So, dear reader, you would like to see across the river?


This is section of the West River (which I mistakenly called the “East River”) that ties into the Canandaigua Lake. It has quite a bit of seaweed and algae growing on it….one of our canoeing neighbors informed us that Canandaigua Lake has a lot more flora growing upon it than is normal.  Perhaps our above-normal rainfall this year has contributed to the growth.

I Googled “Nundawao” and found this interesting document regarding the Seneca Indians and their history around Canandaigua Lake.

I certainly must make note of the fact that many historical sites have probably slipped right past me previously.  It is amazing that when searching out interesting photo ops, one is given the opportunity to also learn along the way!