Fun Guys!

Please realize that IS a play on words, as I do know that the plural of “fungus” is “fungi” and NOT “fun guys”!

Bill in Scotland posted about fungi enjoying a banner year this year, and I commented to him that we also seem to be “blessed” with more fungi than usual! We have mushrooms growing in the gravel of our driveway!


I pulled that one mushroom out in the lower left corner.  These look so similar to the white mushrooms sold in the grocery store. They grow with only the top of their “caps” showing above the ground.


After I took these photos, I had to walk up near the woods to photograph a most amazing “outcrop” of fungi……


This thing is nearly two feet across and it looks as though an animal has “rooted” about in it as pieces were lying about, upended.

Well, Bill always tells me things here in the US are “bigger” than other parts of the world!