A Few Updates

Well, let’s see….there are so many things going on lately, Mark and I feel like we are spinning in circles!

1. Remember those photos I posted in February with that enormous “drill” in the road? Well,  everywhere that a small creek crosses Route 64,  each bridge was redone.  In most places, the road was raised up a few inches and the bridge was fortified and made to withstand some heavy waters racing by.  The creek is called Mud Creek and it winds back and forth across the road several times.  Route 64 runs through the Bristol Valley, and in the spring, the creek can become untamed, sometimes spilling out of its confines and all over the road.

2. The “green” center that is up in the town of Bristol is nearing completion. I will be putting up a picture soon.  The building seemed to move so slowly, but it suddenly is getting sealed up!

3. I got the Explorer back Tuesday evening. It is running like a top! The wheel bearing in the right rear was shot, along with the “knuckle”. The emergency brake was also buggered up. After about 4.5 hours of labor and some expensive parts,  the thing is running quite well! Okay, VERY well! It feels so good to be able to drive the Explorer once again. It really is my favorite vehicle to drive.

4. I must sing the praises of LG.  We bought a new refrigerator a year ago May.  In July…two months after our warranty had run out,  Mark was looking at the fridge and noticed a HOLE in the plastic on the side near the veggie drawer. He called LG and talked to a girl there. She asked for photos, which we supplied. After a couple of conversations, the girl extended our warranty, then told us that LG would replace the fridge as there was no fix! Well, this morning, our brand new fridge was delivered. I am still pinching myself!

As we were outside waiting for the delivery guys,  I saw a Dragonfly light on the porch railing. I called upstairs, asking Michelle to bring me the Nikon.  As I was steadying the camera, the Dragonfly got antsy.  I looked through the viewfinder and squawked!  The Dragonfly was actually EATING a wasp! Unfortunately, my camera was a bit too close to capture the crime scene very well….


After the new fridge was delivered, I needed to deliver  Michelle to Naples. She was there for a few hours, so I hung around just watching people and looking for photos. The air was ugly making for photos, so I nixed the idea of doing scenery.

I drove along a tiny street, trying to figure out how to best use my time.  As I was driving, I noticed a flock of Sparrows gathered on the ground under a car parked alongside the road. 


I drove on, although something “odd” caught my eye. In the flock of birds was a  WHITE bird. It was the same size as the Sparrows, as best I could tell.  I drove down the road, thinking perhaps I had only *thought* I had seen a white bird. Suddenly, I swung around in a driveway and turned back. Sure enough….as soon as I got my camera, the bugger flew off with several birds.  I sat there for nearly another half an hour, but the little white didn’t return.  I almost felt brave enough to quiz the people living in the nearby house if they had noticed this “bird of another color”. Perhaps I will see it again….

I drove down to the town and walked the streets for a few minutes. The only good photo op I was afforded….


We stopped briefly in Woodville. For an inexplicable reason,  my heartstrings are tied tightly to the Eagles that live there. Seeing them gives me such great satisfaction. As I pulled into the parking lot, Michelle spotted one of the grand birds sitting in a tree.  I looked next to us and saw a man parked in a truck, looking through binoculars.

I popped out of the truck, informing him he was looking the wrong way! He looked at me with such a remarkable expression….I pointed to the Eagle and he immediately turned the binoculars in their direction.  He was from a town several miles south of Naples and he told me there was a breeding pair of Eagles there as well.  As I walked away,  calling out for him to have a good day, I  looked back and saw his binoculars fixed upon the Eagle. A sense of satisfaction filled my soul….as much as I love those birds, they certainly are not mine….How wonderful to be able to share sightings with others who appreciate these noble raptors.

As Michelle and I drove up the hill to our home,  I spotted a big “bouquet” of wild Asters growing near the road in  front of our house. I made a mental note to photograph them. I walked down to the road this evening when the “magical light” was pouring itself out.




As I was taking pictures of the Asters, a bumblebee worked its way over to the flowers…the contrast of the purple flowers and yellow stripes on the bee makes this one of my favorite shots!

Now, then, my dear friend, Cindy in Naples, has informed me that there is a MOOSE living a few miles from here. I kid you not. Her husband called the DEC after they spotted the character and they were told it “isn’t unusual”. Hmmm….suddenly, I feel a self-imposed photo assignment coming on!