Sometimes Ya Gotta Wonder….

About people…..

The last time we camped at Allegany, I showed pictures of white geese that were “blending in” with the Canada Geese flock that live at the park.  I got the story about those white geese the other morning….


As I walked back to the truck after satisfying my craving to take some photos,  I noticed a park truck sitting in the parking lot.  I made a comment to one of the fellows in the vehicle and we chatted a bit about Nikon cameras.

After talking about the cameras, I asked about the geese. It seems that someone actually brought the geese to the park and just “dropped them off”. Somehow, this just didn’t register in my mind.  I inquired if the white geese would fly south along with the Canada Geese.


Look how CUTE that goose is, standing on one foot and stretching!

I am unsure if these two men were rangers or not, but they explained that these geese cannot fly.  When the lake freezes over in the winter, these geese would starve to death, unable to find food. My heart sank.


How could someone take the time to catch these birds and cart them to the park and let them go? Surely someone would have taken them in if only they would have advertised!

Let me say that I am not an animal “nut”.  However, I do know that in the Scriptures, God calls us stewards, and we are to oversee not only the planet,  but also the animal kingdom. How can we just leave our animals loose without thinking through their fate?


Happily, the men told me that someone in a nearby community has agreed to take the geese. I am unsure about the little white duck but suppose they might be considered a threesome.

The men explained they have been feeding these geese, and this coming week, they will capture them and take them to their new home.


As I talked to this goose, it walked over right to me. It stood about three feet from me, appearing so trusting.

A happy ending to a somewhat sad beginning for these geese!

Home Again and Oh, So Tired!

My entries to this blog might be a tad out of sequence of when they actually happened, but that is okay…

We left home on Thursday afternoon and went camping at Allegany State Park. We camped there last summer, and it is a fabulous destination for those who love camping.  It isn’t that far from our home but is just so wonderful. Because we went after the Labor Day holiday,  the number of campers has greatly decreased and made it all the more fun.

Some of the highlights were that my brother, Randy, took off Thursday and Friday to join us. He tented with Ben and Randy has boundless energy….he and the kids would gather in the tent to watch videos and play games until late. The kids love Uncle Randy so much! He is like a big kid with all his energy and good fun!

I managed to sneak off one morning when that “oh-so-terrific” sunlight was pouring out its goodness and bathing everything with glowing golden light! The following are from those shots…















On Saturday night, I prepared a spaghetti and meatball meal….LOVE those crockery cookers!!! My parents joined us. My mother brought a basic salad, with tons of goodies in small dishes. The end result was that everyone was able to choose what they liked, just like a portable salad bar! Mom also brought a loaf of good Italian bread to go with the spaghetti. I tried to bake a cake in the teeny-tiny oven, but could only bake one layer at a time. One layer was fine and the other….well…it kinda “bit the dust”.  Thinking quickly, I spread cherry pie filling over the chocolate layer, then topped it off with whipped cream! Pseudo Black Forest Cake! It was pretty good.

 When my parents left, Mark and I escorted them to the park exit. On our way back, we caught sight of eyes in the headlights. We pulled off the road and were treated to the cutest little family of seven “bandits”! It must have been a mother raccoon and her six “children”. We finally left when they came in closer to the truck!

Today, we went kayaking on Cuba Lake,  located about 30 miles east of the park. We pulled up our tents and camper and headed to the lake where we spent a little more than an hour paddling. The lake is small, but so pretty; we had  fun on the lake, then stopped at one of our favorite spots for pizza and wings.

We parted ways with Randy at about 3:30 and Randy headed west, while we went east. It was hard saying our good-byes after having such a fun mini-vacation!