Michelle the Crow

This morning found me down by the road where we live, looking around for interesting photo ops.  The pretty butterfly I saw took off as soon as my camera was poised to shoot.  So much for butterflies!

I found a little bumblebee checking out the crown vetch. I like the colors in this photo, and the way the bumblebee is on the bottom of the flower instead of the top!


I had to laugh as I observed this little bumblebee with its pollen sacs looking as though about to explode!  I love the color of the bee in  contrast with the wild aster.


While working with the bees, I saw a fluttering movement from a bush down into the gutters that line the side of the road.  Curiosity got the better of  me and when I investigated, I found a sweet little female finch down there. At first, I thought she was going to take a  bath in the skimpy bit of water, but instead, she began pecking at the tiny pebbles of gravel deposited there.



And now, you might wonder why I refer to Michelle as being a crow!  Well….As I mentioned about my battery charger last night, I failed to mention the lens cap that was also missing for my long lens.  I seriously thought perhaps I lost it while walking around the yard a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, I searched every inch of our lawn looking for the missing cap.  I knew in my heart it had to be somewhere in or near the house!

Last night, while all the kids were here, I gave a half-hearted offer to give the person finding my lens cap twenty dollars. I was that desperate, but no one even looked! (too warm!)

Late this afternoon, Michelle came downstairs where I was talking to Mark.  She had a rather smug look on her face. She then produced the missing cap! It seems *someone* had placed it in her bed!

While my brother, Randy, was staying with us, we gave him our bed to sleep in and I slept in Michelle’s room.   She claims I left the cap on her bed and it got made up in the sheets.

I have another theory….My dad tells a story of how one of his brothers once had a crow for a pet. The bird would sit upon his shoulder and was quite tame.  My father also said that the bird loved to gather and collect bright or shiny objects.  It would always pick them up, just like little treasures discarded by some thoughtless human. Thus, I do believe Michelle is just like that crow…..swiping my prized camera “pieces” and lining her nest room with them!

A deal is a deal. I offered her the twenty dollar bill, but she flatly declined.  Such a good crow, is Michelle!

Tonight, Michelle found herself in a position of deep regret. Whenever we go out, she always, always puts the Scottie boys in the truck before we leave.  We all got in the truck and scurried off to run a few little errands. (why are we constantly in a HURRY?) Angus was perched on the front seat between Mark and me, as always. Suddenly, after traveling several miles from home, Mark asked where Murphy was?

Michelle nearly lost it as tons of self-imposed guilt filled her soul.  Mark decided since we were so far from home and I told him Murphy would be just fine all alone,  we should just hurry through our list of to-does and get back home as soon as possible.  And, that is just what we did.

Upon our return home, I raced from the truck and unlocked the front door. No Murphy by the door.  I called him and he appeared at the top of the stairs, stretching himself out and yawning. The lonely perfectly contented little pup had been sleeping (rather soundly, from the looks of it!) under the couch in the bedroom! Ah yes, he has proven he is a

The Explorer was hauled away on a flatbed late this afternoon. It was heart-wrenching, watching my ride driven off on the back of that huge truck. Hopefully, it will be back up and good as new (or better!) in a short time!