Today was one of those hurry, hurry, rush, rush days. You know the of those days for which the Pennsylvania Dutch use the phrase "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get"!We were off this morning to do a few little errands. One of those was picking up the camper with its new (and a *much* better match than the original) awning! Mark wanted to make sure that everything was working as it should before we left, so one of the technicians pulled out the new awning for us.  As we examined it, we noticed a huge dent in one of the members. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have a  new one, so it will be replaced later. Because of this problem, we were tied up for about 45 extra minutes.

The heat today was unbelievable. I think it was hotter today than all summer! We hurried to finish our chores, then headed home. Michelle and Ben had friends coming at three, so we hurried.

Another of our chores was stopping by a small automotive repair shop we have passed by many times. Mark and Michelle worked in the garage for several hours yesterday, trying to diagnose the problem(s) with the Explorer.  After working for quite some time, Mark thinks the wheel bearing is shot in one of the rear wheels as well as a (hopefully minor) problem with the emergency brake. We will have it towed to the garage tomorrow afternoon and hopefully we can get it back on the road once again!

I have been missing the battery charger for my Nikon camera for at least the past couple of weeks. Every time I thought about it, I would look for it once again. I looked through every drawer, box, storage bin, anywhere I could possibly think to look...all to no avail. I seriously thought perhaps I had left it in the camper. As I searched through the camper only to discover it was not there, my heart  sank.  I was nearly in tears late this afternoon, thinking I had lost my mind.

While the kids had their company here, I mentioned how crazy I was going over losing my charger. Michelle got up and went upstairs,  coming back down with my charger in her hand!!! I nearly cried for joy and she told me she just had "forgotten to look for it"! It was sitting on her dresser!

I was thrilled to have my charger back if not a little upset by the emotional roller-coaster ride I had while seeking it out! How could Michelle not have found it before this? Ah well, I have it and that is what matters!

I fixed the kids some oven-fried chicken for dinner. The recipe seemed too simple, but the key was soaking the chicken in buttermilk for several hours before baking. The kids all complimented the choice for dinner, so that was great! Michelle also baked an apple pie on her own and that was a hit!

One of my friends is a terrific knitter who always has something (if not many somethings) on her needles. I had commented about how I loved my Alice Starmore books on her blog and she told me not to turn my back on fellow knitters as they might knock me down and STEAL my books. Well, wouldn't have EVER guessed this, but two Alice Starmore books are out of print and guess what I have??


My very favorite type of knitting is Irish or Aran knitting. The more ropes, cables and patterns going on, the better I like it! I nearly fainted when I saw the price of the book on the left:

I also love colorwork, although in a sweater, it is too much "pattern" for me. I would rather have a pretty vest instead. Anyway, here is the price of the Fair Isle Knitting book:

I may have picked up one of these books through a craft book club. The original prices were $39.95 for the Aran book and $34.95 for the Fair Isle book. Who ever would have known these books would increase so in value? And, nope, I would never sell them, anyway. The Aran book is rather in rough shape as I have used a pattern from it and have looked through it over and over again!

So, not too bad a day, overall. I am so grateful to have the charger back and a freshly-charged battery! So nice getting those ducks back in a row!