Tisn’t Easy Being a Computer Dummy!

Okay, so I understand that the Newsboys won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,  but after seeing them in concert, (twice) I guess I am way biased!

When I was out on my little grocery run this afternoon,  on the way home, I cranked the radio in my car way LOUD and let this rip…..(I think there is a way to embed You Tube on blogs, but such things are way above my head. I DO, however, know how to cut and paste.  Am quite proficient at it, actually!)

Oh, there is a lot of drumming going on in this song, and NO ONE can beat Duncan Phillips, in my book….he is the MOST fantastic drummer!!!! (how many drummers can play on a vertical plane, after all?)


 Oh yeah, PLEASE don’t tell my kids about this little confession of mine!

Where Did Today Go?

As always, I was up bright and early this morning.  I fed the Scottie boys, took them outside, then turned on the laptop briefly to check on blogs.  I was a bit bleary-eyed, but was impressed by Bill’s list of things beginning with the letter “D”! (especially his #11!)

I washed some dishes and did some tidying, then decided to take a bath before heading out to Canandaigua to buy groceries.  By the time I looked at the clock, it was after nine. Mark had some deposits to be made at the bank and a parcel to drop off at the post office. By the time I walked out the door,  it was close to ten!

Since I was all alone, I decided that I would take my time….well, a little, anyway! I drove down to the lake to take the “long” road and as I was driving down the hill, the sun poked out just for a few seconds,  forming a “heavenly spotlight”!


The little bit of sun lit up the brightly-colored leaves on the trees, making them even more beautiful!


Driving down this lake road is so amazing,  as I don’t think it is more than four or five miles from our house, as the crow flies.   The houses along the road are unlike anything I had ever seen before! They are grand and beautiful and simply incredible.  Just for grins, I stopped at an impressive timberframe house that is for sale to take a leaflet with details. The house is relatively small, but comes with lake frontage (65′) and a timberframe boathouse.  I nearly fainted when I saw the asking price; it was a “mere” one-million, one hundred-fifty thousand dollars! 

As I drove on, I was thinking to myself that I would love to see what this area was like 100 years ago.  As I was thinking this,  one of those bright blue New York State signs caught my eye.


As I looked at the property behind the sign,  it appeared to be overgrown with lots of “weedy” trees,  but I didn’t see any signs of peach or apple trees.  There is a gigantic Sycamore tree located within a few yards of the sign and I would venture to guess that tree must be well over 150 years old.  In fact, I wonder if it wasn’t of the same vintage as the orchard referred to on the sign.

I drove on, enjoying my little outing and relaxing as there was no other traffic on the road.  I went to Lowe’s to return some unused hardware, then stopped by WalMart to grab some groceries.  It was on to the bank, post office, and then Wegman’s to pick up produce.  By the time I was ready to leave, my phone rang and Mark and the kids asked me to pick up some food on my way home.

I went over to a plaza to stop in the parking lot for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe the number of Seagulls sitting in the parking lot! What in the world was attracting them? As I sat there, they suddenly began lifting up, filling the sky.  The Gulls…….


On the way home, I passed this (ohsogorgeousIwouldlovetoliveinthis) BARN!!! As you can see, it is all decked out for the Autumn season. I think you could fit at least six of my houses in there!


While I was at WalMart, I got this brilliant idea to make a little craft project to add a little bit of color to the front door. (I am planning on replacing that ugly door sometime this winter!)  I bought a tiny scarecrow for 94 cents, some pretty plaid autumn-colored ribbon, and a 97 cent sprig of autumn-colored leaves.

After the kids helped me put the groceries away, Ben went up into the woods and cut some wild grapevines down for me. He brought them home and I fashioned them into a small wreath.  I added my scarecrow, made up a nice bow, then glued on some of the leaves and voila!


I fixed chicken on the grill for dinner, along with a tossed salad and mixed veggies. By the time I finished the dishes, it was well after seven o’clock! My, oh my…whatever happened to this day?

How Did I Get Talked Into This?

The Naples Grape Festival is not something I anticipate throughout the year.  No, I really am not into huge crowds, chaos, and craziness!  The festival attracts about 100,000 people every year. That is a huge number for a village of probably less than 2,000!

Michelle was expected at work early this morning, so I drove her down. We arrived before 8 am and the craziness was just beginning.  The photo below accurately exhibits the weather this morning….


I stopped in Woodville on the return trip home.  Everything was so dismal, just like yesterday!  The only bright spot was the intense colors of vegetation. Seems like everything that is green is “very” green, and the foliage that is turning is turning rapidly.


I took the photo of the fog this afternoon when I passed through Woodville again. That blanket of fog never moved all day!


Michelle finished her work early this afternoon and a few of her friends  met her afterwards. I had the privilege of driving Ben down to catch up with the others. Naples is a small village, but the main street runs probably almost two miles long. We parked the Explorer at the very edge of the village. This meant a rather lengthy hike was in store.

I saw some of the most unique people I have ever seen. I saw some of the most unique things I have ever seen.  And in the process, my poor legs got awfully tired!

I passed several volunteer firemen staged along the main street with a boot in their hands, collecting donations for the fire department.


As I walked along the street, I took this photo. It was taken at about 2 pm.  As you can clearly see, getting in and out of the village would require a good bit of patience!


I had to go back to get the kids a little after 6 pm.  The festival ended, officially, at 5.  So, in the course of four hours, this is what the village looked like in its amazing transformation….


This is what yours truly looked like from being drenched most of the day! I guess I could have just sat in the car, but I needed some produce from the market located at the opposite end of town. Thus, I walked in the drizzling rain that never “turned off” throughout the day!


I did discover one booth that was selling photography. The wife takes beautiful photos and the husband mats and frames them, I was told.  I got excited when I spotted a photo of an Eagle! I asked if the bird was the one on Canandaigua Lake! The answer was no, it was taken of the Eagle at the Seneca Park Zoo.  You know, I don’t mean to gloat, but I felt so smug as I walked away, knowing that I had actually captured the raptor in its natural environment!

Ten Things I Love that Begin With the Letter “K”

While visiting my friend Lisanne at her blog, she had a fun little meme called ten things I love that begin with the letter “b”.  She did such a fantastic job! She offered to pass along a letter for anyone who wanted to participate, so I asked and got the letter “k”.  That is a little tough, but I will try!

1. I love knowing  God through reading His word.  This pretty much doesn’t need a lot of explanation, eh? 

2. I love knitting. I wish I had more time to knit…..I used to only crochet, but my neighbor, Mrs. Kennedy (another K!!) encouraged me to try knitting. She kept telling me, “There are *only* two stitches to learn, after all!”  I was a knitting maniac while Ben was a baby, but I have not knit in years.

3. I love my name! My given name is Kae. I was named for my grandfather, Kay. Grandpa Kester (another K!!!) was my favorite person when I was little! He was always a little hard of hearing, and he always hummed….he was just such a kind and happy person!

4. I love the name Katya! When I was little, my parents and relatives all called me Katie. I guess they actually still do! The name Katya is the Russian equivalent of Katie, and I really like it.  Mark has never called me Kae,  and if he did, I don’t think I would know who he was talking to!

5. I love kayaking! Goodness, there was no way I would have ever gotten photos of my friend the Eagle if it weren’t for my little inflatable kayak! It is so much fun being able to spend time paddling with the kids.

6. I love my kids! They absolutely drive me batty from time to time, but that is only because they are now teens.  That’s okay, cause I know in a few years, they will get over it!

7. I love keeping my blog! It is such a fun outlet for ideas and posting my day-to-day activities.  It has helped sharpen my photography skills and just have some fun with my online friends!

8. I love visiting Ken Rockwell’s site where there is some good information about photography, and ADORABLE pictures of his two little ones!  I have enjoyed reading about my camera (Nikon D-80)  there.

9. I love my kettle …..tea kettle, that is! It is a Windsor Whistling Kettle that Mark bought me for Mother’s Day many years ago.  It is such a source of comfort when pressures get out of control from time to time!

10.  I love kamping. Kamping doesn’t start with a “k”? Oops! Well, it SOUNDS like it should!  Wow….finding “k” things is KIND of tough! BUT, that makes me kind of rare, eh?

 Well, this was fun, although I must admit I had to do some thinking!  I really didn’t want to write that I love things like kangaroos or koalas! And, if you should decide you might like to try this challenge, just give me a heads up. I promise I won’t give out “z” or “q”…..

What is Dreich?

Well, it is a Scottish word, supposedly derived from a Scandinavian tongue. I did find on one site this definition:

A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich.

HA! This morning, we had ALL of those conditions, PLUS low-lying FOG!!!


This is how the scenic road to Naples looked early this morning, greeting attendees of the Naples Grape Festival! Can you say ugly?

Let’s see…when I woke up at 5:30 this morning, it was raining. I think it continued on steadily until about 7, then it turned to drizzle.  It was chilly, miserable, dark, dreary, and dismal. Is that enough adjectives, already?




I thought even the lake was looking kind of sorrowful.  As the day progressed, it did actually look a little better!  The clouds didn’t really dissipate, but every now and then, it did appear that the sun was going to shine through the bleakness.  I don’t think it ever did!

I felt terrible for the festival folks….both the vendors and attendees. But when I picked Michelle up from helping Cindy, I was told they had a pretty good day! I was glad to hear that. With the price of gas up and people feeling a bit unsure of the economy,  it is good to know that people are still enjoying these great fall festivals!

So Long, Buffalo!

Viewing this photo of last night’s campfire made me realize that our time spent at the Buffalo Sabres’ training camp seems like a distant memory now….In fact, the time flew by so fast betweeen early Wednesday morning when we left and this evening when we returned!


On the way home, the realization hit hard that we will not be seeing these players again as we did these few days,  but rather,  on the television screen.  There is something about seeing the team “in the flesh” that makes one feel as though they “know” the guys.

As we bustled off this morning to see the practice,  as we came closer and closer to Buffalo, I grabbed the Nikon camera from its bag. Mark asked why I was getting my camera out, and all I could think to answer was “for some drive-by shooting”!  However, with Buffalo being “being on the map”, so to speak,  for its high number of crimes,  I told Mark I was going to take some pictures.

Please understand that some of these were taken going 30 miles per hour down the streets of Buffalo! That Nikon is pretty fast! The first photo was dark and “muddy”, so as I lightened it, the sky turned this light, almost aquamarine color. Trust me, it was much more dismal, almost gray!


I don’t think I have ever seen a building with a three-dimensional Fleur de Lis before! And, HOW does that thing stay in good shape with the wind, rain, sleet, and snow pounding on it? (Yes, Buffalo is the capital of “bad snow jokes”.)


Apologies for being totally ignorant as to what buildings bear this beautiful detailing, but, it seemed a bit hard to decipher names as we whizzed past….


This last bit of architectural extravaganza blew my socks off….


The entire buillding is trimmed in these pretty ladies with their bonnets!

I *was* going to keep hockey strictly from this last entry concerning our little adventure. But….how could I not show just a couple of photos. They are architectural, I prommise!

I showed a photo of one of the entrances to the HSBC Arena depicting buffaloes above it. Well, the buffalo relief and this one of a “flying” goalie are interspersed at the entrances. I really liked them both!


And here is a photo of the HSBC Arena.


As soon as we arrived home, we brought a good deal of our “stuff” from the camper to the house. It hit me like a ton of bricks…..

What now? Goodness, I miss Buffalo, our camping experience, and the Buffalo Sabres!

I’ve Heard it Said…

that in the world of hockey,  a team is only as good as their goalie. Well, the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres is Ryan Miller.  Ryan has had some spectacular games, but last year seemed to go a bit “flat”.  In his defense,  he did suffer a terrible loss early in the season when his cousin passed away at a very young age.

So, here is to a great seaon for Ryan and the entire Sabres team!

I really liked this photo of Miller, but it does need some touch-up. The lighting stinks!


Carly asked yesterday if Maxim Afinogenov posed for the camera yesterday….well, when the guys are on the ice, it is sometimes easy to get some funny shots. I liked this one that looks as though Miller is telling me he has had enough!


I liked this one, too!


The HSBC Arena is home to the Buffalo Sabres and is located downtown. I have seen some of the most fabulous buildings there within walking distance.  Oh, how I  long to be  able to walk along the sidewalks and capture the intricate details on some of those buildings!

The tree frogs are out senenading once again and the campground is still  peaceful!

Ah, a Gratifying Day!

 A day’s worth of photos.  Sorry if you don’t care for hockey, but the training camp was so exciting! There wasn’t a huge crowd so spectators were afforded terrific seating. We were so excited to watch our favorite team in training practice!

One of the toughest parts about this practice was that one needed to read the small(ish) numbers on the backside of helmets to identify players.  This was hard to do….some players, however, stand out either by stature or mannerisms.























At the end of practice, it was clear that Maxim Afinogenov is all about hockey. He lingered on long after all the other players were gone. It was fun watching him hit slapshots into the net.

Ben was thrilled that the ushers allowed him to search the seats for a puck….


We ate LaNova pizza and wings and were satisfied for the evening. Upon returning to our tiny home on  wheels, we were happy to see that we had some new neighbors.

When we pulled into the park this morning, the building where we normally sign in was abandoned.  No one was to be found. We stopped at a site where three women were camping and asked….they said they hadn’t seen anyone around at all. We continued driving until we came upon some men working with a small backhoe.

One of the guys there is in charge of the park, so he signed us in and took our payment.  The campground only has a few campers here and there….it is so quiet and nice! The only sounds are the many raspy tree frogs and the sound of trains running through every now and then in off in the distance.  Such a peaceful setting!




Shoving Off for a Few Days

Buffalo Sabres training camp began this week and we have decided it would be fun to go and watch for a couple of days.  I love these camps, as one can sit  wherever one desires and they are open to the public with no charge!

 Unfortunately, the home game tickets are so expensive this year, I don’t think we will be attending any of the games in Buffalo.  That is okay, as we have the big screen television, and it is fun to watch and hear the commentators.  It is true that the air in the rink is filled with such excitement at a home game, but sometimes it is nice to just snuggle in a warm blanket and watch the game! (can even wear our jammies!!!)

Hopefully, I can catch some good photos of team members on the ice.  This is going to be so much fun!

I spent some time today playing chemist….adding chemicals and testing the water in the pool before closing it for the winter.  It is such a good feeling to have this done before the  leaves start falling! There was one year that we were closing the pool in November! That was the pits…..it was snowing as we worked! (remember  that, Carly?)

I also got the truck hitched up and ready to take off tomorrow.  That is a good feeling, too. No stress as we get ready to leave!

Perhaps I will have some photos tomorrow! Goooooooooooo, Sabres!