A Bit of a Colorful Day

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend here in the US.  This is the time when we pay tribute to “working America” and take some time off to kick up our heels and relax as we officially say good-bye to summer. Or at least the summer season.

School doors in our state will soon open.  Life will become more structured for kids who have been celebrating the days of summer; as the darkness sets in earlier and earlier now,  we do know what is ahead.

The United States is steeped in politics; being an election year, conventions are being held. The Democratic Convention has taken place,  and with the Republican Convention set to begin,  all of America is holding its breath and lifting prayers to heaven. The political scene is now taking a backseat as eyes watch the latest news regarding the potentially devastating hurricane known as Gustav.  As this hurricane makes its way towards the Louisiana coastline,  people cannot believe that in light of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina,  another hurricane looks as though it is set to hit New Orleans once again.

And,  those of us far removed from the danger stand by, wondering how we might help…..

We had made some plans for today, but they didn’t work out, so Mark thought perhaps we should take the kids to Darien Lake Theme Park.  We put the Scottie boys in their crates and left.  With temperatures expected in the 80’s (about 26 degrees, Celsius) we left the boys home in the kitchen. This is a north-facing room that is generally much cooler than the rest of the house.

We had to stop at the convenience store on the way to buy some ice for the cooler.  When we pulled in, we saw the coolest little red hot rod.


We continued on our way and the kids begged and pleaded with us to stop at Dairy Queen for a chocolate-dipped cone. Since I am not overly fond of chocolate, I opted for vanilla ice cream in a kiddie cup with cherry dip.  No one in my family had ever tasted cherry dip before, but it was my favorite as a kid.  Tastes just like a maraschino cherry!


We also stopped at Darien Lake State Park. This is where we often go camping and we were  last there during the Kingdom Bound event.  The park was pretty full of campers and it was the most awesome day! This photo was taken by the beach.


The rest of these photos were taken at the theme park. Mark and I entered with the kids, then let them go ride whatever rides they wanted.  Mark and I went and grabbed a bite to eat, then just enjoyed relaxing by the lake….



That tall tower is about 250 feet tall.  Brainless maniacs with a strong death wish   Crazy people actually pay $30 (I think that is correct)  to be lifted up to almost the top of that tower and then then released on a bungee-type contraption to swing about,  pendulum-like above people and water below. My last photo shows some nuts people as they were released.



I know I photograph far too many ducks, but they are just so cute! This little lady was moving through the water like a power boat, heading for some bread crumbs someone threw into the water….



Ah, a piece of placid sanity! The park where the rides are was insane! There were people everywhere, making it really hard for Mark to make his way with the wheelchair. We dodged over to the lake. It is always so quiet and peaceful there!




Ah, quick! Call the National Guard! There appears to be a monster in the lake!


Gotta love that fountain! I never would have noticed that it was an octopus had we not ventured over that way!

And, as promised, crazy people for whom the phrase “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree” might well have been coined!


As we arrived back home early this evening, I suddenly felt such a deep sadness. I have not seen the eagle in so long….My heart longs to see the bird or birds again. There is something so wonderful,  so inexplicable about seeing them…I can only equate it to being inducted into a society of privileged members.  I had only dreamed of seeing one of  these majestic birds a few weeks ago and now…. I consider myself deeply blessed. And more…for I long to “mount up on wings, as eagles”…

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  1. Great T-Bucket! I drove oneonce.. they can be quite hard to handle. Stiff in the suspension and stearing, but sooo fun to drive.

    Don’t forget this is also our 10th anniversary of th Labor Day storm. It was 10 years ago that Sherm and I stood in amazementof the great lightening storm not knowing what was really happening around us. We were very lucky not to have been blow away that night. We’re just a couple of silly storm watchers!

  2. Happy Labor Day! Looks like stunning weather, and great photos. I love ducks, so they are my favourite ones.

    Never had cherry dip, but I had my first Cherry Cola in San Fran in 2003; the people I were with thought it must’ve had drugs in it as I was knocking them back like there was no tomorrow: we don’t get that stuff in Oz.

  3. Happy Labor Day to you!! Your pictures are great….the paddling through the lily pads looks a bit hard though! Thanks for your kind comments!!

  4. I have to agree with you about those bungee jumpers! And about the ducks!

    Re your comment on my post yesterday, I’d never heard of the word “bangs” in that context before, though I did understand the context! I’d like to see your Scotties unshorn!

  5. I had forgotten about that storm on Labor Day 10 years ago, until Terri mentioned it…

    We were in Connecticut for a wedding and we swung through the Bronx on the way home to pick up some soaping supplies. The people lived right on the ocean and I remember thinking it looked like a hurricane was coming. The sky was an eerie green color in the middle of the afternoon. By the time we got to Fairport all the traffic lights were out and there were tree limbs all over the roads. Somehow we missed most of the storm on our drive home. We wound up in Jersey on our way from the Bronx and I remember there being a lot of rain. We later found out a tree fell and killed a pedestrian in Brooklyn. We were really fortunate to have missed all but a driving rain storm for a few miles.

    Mom, looks like a good day. We went to a park and I took a bunch of pictures. Will post soon.

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