Lions and Eagles

My blog-friend, Jackie, over in Scotland,  featured a lion on her blog entry for today:

This lion reminded me of a pair I had snapped pictures of the other day while picking up a pizza in Naples.   The photo I took while trying to get both together was no good, as the lion on the left was in the shadows, and the one on the right was overexposed, bathed in bright sunlight!

This pair resides at the Maxfield Bed and Breakfast , which is absolutely lovely in the photos in the link given. However, the business is now for sale, and those pretty privets that border the sidewalk are now in need of a “haircut”! Being height-challenged, I could barely reach over the hedge to photograph the lions!!!


Even though this lion is in the shadows, I wanted to show him as you can see the inviting rocking chairs on the front porch with their pretty golden seat covers located behind him..

And, the lion on the right (a bit overexposed!)…


And while on the subject of lions,  I always think of my maternal grandparents when I think about lions.  For a large portion of my life, my grandparents lived in State College, Pennsylvania, home of Pennsylvania State University.  The Penn State mascot is…..the Nittany Lion.  Wow….I have not seen that lion in probably thirty  years…

While posting this entry, I realized that Jackie was away when I “caught” a photograph of the gorgeous eagle that lives on the south end of Canandaigua Lake. (I am told there is actually a pair there, although I have only seen one at a time.)

I cropped this photo a  bit, and in all honesty, I cannot believe my trusty little point and shoot did such a good job! Oh, and I had to “park” my little inflatable kayak in some lily pads to catch this bird!