Busy Little Bees…

Yes, we were working like busy little bees this morning! We worked together as a family, splitting and stacking the firewood from the seven trees we cut earlier this week.   After finishing,  we went out to do some errands.

Michelle wanted to know if we could drive over to Geneva to see the extreme house and since the stores we needed to shop at were also located there,  Mark decided it might be fun.  We drove down the street the house is located on,  and unfortunately, the block where the Hill house is situated is closed off with blockades.

We looked down the street and saw landscapers working in the yards that were trampled by the hordes of people coming to view the home as it was taking shape.  I had wondered if ABC would fix up the neighborhood in the aftermath. Apparently, they did!

And, speaking of bumblebees….I was out with the camera this morning, watching them working about in the weeds behind the house.

Just look at this little bee’s face! Pollen, anyone?


I really liked the way this capture turned out. The bee contrasts so nicely with the flower!


And…..this is the ***elusive*** dragonfly! Elusive, you ask?  Yes! This dragonfly is relatively large compared to some others I have photographed. It is such a pretty blue color on top,  but it just flitters and flies around, never lighting!  I was shocked that I found it lingering on the fuchsia flower late this morning….Too bad I got its bottom side instead of the pretty blue topside!


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  1. Wow. I am in awe of your ability to capture such moments in time, and in such glorious photos. Wow again.

    { I came here via Jackie’s [Glasgow] blog }

  2. Your pretty blue dragonfly and the blue morpho butterfly must be buddies. I chased those darn things all over the butterfly conservatory and never did get a good picture of the blue part of one! I really like the middle picture. What a wonderful capture.

  3. I love the thought of that bee being so desperate for pollen it puts its head right in and gets totally covered in it, just like Winnie the Pooh! I can relate to that!

    [Hello Ian!]

  4. Ian, welcome to the Bristolwood, and thank you for your kind comments! I love looking at Jackie’s blog….dreaming about one day visiting the UK.

    Carly, perhaps things “blue” are all elusive? hehehe Michelle liked that middle photo, too!

    Jackie, Winnie the Pooh!!! That is too funny! Yes, Winnie was so honey-driven…he would have LOVED this bee!

    Bill, those little yellow flowers must be LOADED with pollen. The bees were VERY busy working them over!

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