Enjoying Cool, Delightfully Delicious Weather!

I so cannot complain about the summer weather we’ve had this year. It has been too hot a few days, but most of the time, the humidity has been bearable and not nearly as high as  most summers.  Today, the temperature is just delightful…almost “chilly” in the shade and warm in the sunshine!

I walked down the driveway this morning to take a couple of photos of the house with the trees gone…it is taking me some time to adjust to this new look, but I know eventually, it won’t seem to “exposed”…


The house is receiving more sunlight now, but Mark assures me that with the front porch, the house is not going to “fry in the sun”.  The photo below was taken from the road and even though we can see the road quite clearly, I guess we aren’t as visible as I had suspected.


While down by the road, I thought I had better get a picture of the wild chickory and the mailboxes. (our neighbors and we share the post on which the mailboxes are mounted)  I thought it looks like a “natural still life”!


Yesterday, while visiting our neighbors, we got to talking about the weather and storms. They told us about the Bristol Springs Free Church. (we had not heard before)


Pretty country church, isn’t it? Well, a couple of storms ago, we had some extraordinary lightening in the neighborhood!  One of the bolts hit the bell tower on the church.  Apparently, the volunteer fire department is very quick! As you can see, it looks like damage was limited.


The one question is my mind…..


I wonder if this sign was up before or after the lightening strike?