Brief Walk Through Geneva

 Yesterday,  when Mark dropped Michelle and I off to walk over to the makeover home,  we walked back to where we were dropped off only to find that Mark had driven away! That would normally be no problem, but when we tried to call Mark from my cell phone, I kept getting a cryptic “cannot connect for unknown reason” message. Exasperated, Michelle kept repeating she  had no idea why my phone had no signal whatsoever in Geneva. In all honesty, I felt clueless as well.

So…in temperatures so hot, one was sweating while  sitting still,  Michelle and I began walking. I figured that if we got near the main highway,  the phone would certainly be able to ring Mark up. As we walked on and on,  I realized what the problem was!

Since our cell phones are more computer than phone, they need a rebooting from time to time,  just as a computer does.  Sure enough, as soon as the phone restarted, the meter read  “full signal”!

The little walk along several blocks didn’t hurt Michelle or me a bit,  and we actually found ourselves in awe of some of the architecture we passed! As we came closer and closer to this “tower” on the Episcopal church,  I loved the little “spires” with their unique design.


As we passed the front of the church,  the sign surely made worshippers welcome. Taken from tthe verse Isaiah 56:7…

“Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.”


This stone church is so beautiful and although I couldn’t find the date on the building,  I do believe it is an old structure. I love the wooden doors in the front….


During our walk, we passed this building located across the street.  It is the Geneva Historical Society Museum and I would love to visit there.


At the top of the hill where these buildings are located, everything looks very very old.  These houses all overlook beautiful Seneca Lake. The row houses are so impressive and I love the way each is painted a different color to distinguish individual homes.


Here is a peek between some of the buildings and you can see the hotel I showed a few days ago below.  This is just at street level,  and I cannot imagine the view from the second or third stories of these homes!


I will certainly be visiting Geneva again with my camera in hand.  It would appear there is some interesting history located here!

Today was a workday, clearing all of the debris from the trees I cut down. I am so tired from all  of the work, and I think I discovered some new muscles I never knew existed!

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  1. Wish we lived closer.. I’d love to come over and help with your wood cutting. Ok I gotta laugh… the date of the church is right on the sign you ook a picture of. 1806 I googled the church and sure enough that’s the date. Sorry to get a giggle out of it…. I’ll take it maybe your brain is fogged from the heat or clouded in saw dust or both! hehe 🙂

  2. Okay, Terri, now that you have had a good laugh!!! hehehe

    I was so exhausted (and majorly sore) last night when I wrote, I put the laptop down and immediately fell asleep!

    I know that sign says 1806, but I thought that meant perhaps the church was established then. Usually churches do begin, then the building itself comes later.

    I did find a history of the churches in Geneva, New York:

    As I suspected, the church was begun in 1806,, but the actual church building was built between 1842 and 1844. Either way, that is one old building and it is so beautiful! Michelle and I were both so hot and tired, we didn’t bother looking for a dated cornerstone.

    Oh, and seriously, I am so tired of breathing two-stroke gas fumes!!! The wood is all cut and ready to be split to hasten drying. I will get a picture today….the camera weighed too much yesterday~

  3. Too bad the day was so hot & humid, but your photos are beautiful. Sarah & I marveled at the sight of the stained-glass window at Trinity Church as we rode through Geneva on the shuttle bus yesterday. Check out this link that includes a couple photos of the church’s interior.

    Word of caution — on a recent jaunt to Geneva, Cy stopped at the Ramada, and asked to see a room, thinking that it would be such a pretty place for dinner and an overnight to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. We thought the lobby and exterior were lovely, but the rooms we saw were tacky, dank, and musty, with windows in much need of replacement. Don’t know about the quality of its restaurant, but this might be a case of not wanting to judge a book by its cover.

  4. Ack….Wordpress is giving me a hassle tonight!!! As you can tell I’m quite behind in my blog reading and am trying to catch up. Geneva is a quaint little city and you can find special spots all around. I love the colors of the row houses too. At Eastview Mall, they even have some black & white pictures of the row houses!

  5. I am glad to see Geneva is getting some visitors out of Extreme Makeover! To give you a little more info on Trinity Church, the congregation was established in 1806 and the original of that church was built in the 1840s, but due to a fire in the early 1930s most of what you see is a reconstruction of the 19th century church. If you are interested in the history and architecture of Geneva, please visit us at the Historical Society. Although we are small by comparison today, our city is actually older than Rochester or Syracuse. For more information visit our website, (Sorry that the calendar is out of date, but I will be updating it soon!.
    Director of Education
    Geneva Historical Society

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