The Extreme House

 Preface: we lost our electricity about an hour and a half ago as I was working on uploading these photos to my blog! Through modern technology…a cell phone and laptop, I am able to post this entry…..Isn’t modern technology fun?

After completing my wood cutting task, we decided to take a little ride to Geneva. I had been wanting to see the Extreme Home Makeover  house. 

We drove to Geneva, and as we got closer and closer to the home,  the traffic increased like crazy. This little college town that is usually pretty quiet was hopping with people and there really was a sense of anticipation in the air.

We followed behind a cement truck and when I commented I have never seen a cement truck on Sunday before,  it was no surprise that the truck was unloading in front of the new home!

I reflected that on Wednesday, I watched as an excavator loaded the last bits of wood from the house onto a waiting dumptruck.  I was anxious and curious to see the new house that was now standing on that same spot.  What I saw was nothing short of amazing!

This street is lined with homes that are old.  Many are apartments, some are homes that are in nice shape and some look in need of repair.  I had not seen the Hill home previously, but this house that is standing in its stead looks very much like a “vintage” home in many respects.  The house does not dwarf neighboring homes, nor does it appear as a “modern” contrast.  Kudos to the designers. The house actually fits rather comfortably into the neighborhood.










Excuse the lack of clarity in some of these photos, but all the tall people were once again standing in front of me and I held my camera in the air and just snapped the photos.

We were there at about four in the afternoon, and the workers were placing cement in forms for new sidewalks at the house.  There were moving style trucks everywhere….I am thinking they must have been loaded with furnishings for the new home.

Amazing….simply amazing! As Michelle and I walked back to the truck, I said how nice it would be to have something like this at our home.  Mark is unable to use his wheelchair to move around our house because it is so small. Michelle looked at me and said,  Mom, we get by just fine. Everything always works out!

How did I ever end up with such a wise little fifteen-year-old…..She is amazing!

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  1. That is one amazing house! I was worried that they were going to put a house up that didn’t fit in the neighborhood when I saw the original house, but this house fits perfectly… though I’m still a little iffy on the ripping down of a perfectly fine house that could have stood another 150 years with a few simple repairs and a lot less cost. I’m not liking all the new neighborhoods popping up all over the place around here when there are homes sitting vacant. We are such a throw-away society. Our farmland is being bought up like crazy and we’re not leaving much land for our wildlife. Ok I’ll end my rant LOL WHen they first announce they were looking for volunteers for a CNY family I thought about volunteering, but I’m glad I didn’t as that would have been quite a drive.

  2. I am a fan of Extreme Makeover and they have done some terrific work. I like the fact that they go out of their way to help families who really need it. I guess I’m behind the times as I wasn’t aware that they were doing this so close to home. I agree with the comment prior to mine….such a shame that all of the farmland around us seems to be for sale and then turned in to condos or dozens and dozens of cookie cutter homes. I LOVE the farmland that surrounds my home both in Canandaigua and here at the cottage. Spend some time talking to the local farmers and you get a real appreciation for how they live!! It is quite an impressive house though…they seem to have captured the essence of the neighborhood.

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