Such a Random Adventure!

This afternoon, the kids went to a graduation party for one of their friends.  He is the same age as Michelle and was also home-schooled.  He already must have a year-and-a-half of college credits,  as he was attending some college while doing his schoolwork two years ago. This past year, he attended college full time.  He is a very industrious young man and I am pretty sure he will succeed at anything he puts his hand to!

After dropping the kids off, we had about five hours to spend doing whatever we wanted. Mark suggested that we head down to Bath.  We had left the Scotties home, so Mark and I were free to do whatever we wanted.  Mark has been thinking lately that perhaps a toy hauler (basically a camper with storage to carry our ATV’s) might be more sensible than our camper.  We spoke with a salesman and then decided to go on another adventure.

I thought it might be fun to drive to  Hammondsport, a tiny town located on Keuka Lake, another of the eleven Finger Lakes.  As we drove through the business district of Bath, I noticed this beautiful church. It is made entirely of stone….even the steeple is stone. I had never  noticed that before and I think it is rather unusual!


I’m not exactly sure what the settings are on the GPS, but oh my! Instead of going down familiar highways, the GPS took us on back-roads….we were traveling down some dirt roads and off-the-beaten-path hillsides! We might have been just a bit leery when the last road to Hammondsport was called “Winding Staircase Road”, but we were feeling adventurous. This road was extreme! It wound back and forth like ribbon candy. Mark said out west these roads are called switchbacks. At one point, we were looking out over Keuka Lake and the view was so marvelous!


And, after what seemed like a 45 degree descent, we were in the village of Hammondsport.


Hammondsport is right on the water, so we drove over and parked near a little park.  We also found the Keuka Maid was parked there! The Keuka Maid is the boat that cruises the lake, just as our Canandaigua Lady does.  The one BIG  difference is that this particular boat majorly dwarfs the Lady!





As the afternoon was progressing and it was getting closer to the time we were to pick the kids up, we began our way towards home. Mark decided to take another way that we never travel.  Instead of traversing through long hilly roads, this route followed along valleys. We saw some gorgeous countryside with farms and pretty rolling hills all along the way.

At one point, we passed through a little village called Avoca. We had never seen the village business district before, so we took a little diversion and discovered a cute little place! As the GPS redirected us back onto the highway, we came across the most magical little motel!


Yes, called the “Caboose Motel”, it is possible to actually spend the night in a caboose. Can you imagine the fun this would be to a little boy? (although I suppose the little fellow would be so wound up, he would barely sleep!)


We picked the kids up and then headed for home. Mark took the low road that leads past Woodville.  I asked if he would stop at the boat launch.  I wanted to see if the eagle was there.   As he pulled in,  I got so excited by the sight of the eagle….He asked how in the world I could see the bird from the road?

Well, for those of us “in the know”, we happen to know that the eagle likes to sit in the trees at the south end of the lake and just look out over the area! If you expand the photo below and really squint your eyes, if you look dead center (between the cattails) you will see a white “spot” in the colorful leaves of the tree in the distance. The white spot just happens to be the head of the eagle!


Oh how I longed to drag that kayak out from the back of the pickup for just one quick trip out to see my friend the eagle…I am sure anyone  standing nearby would never think it odd to see a woman in a sundress kayaking through lily pads, after all….but I would never want to spoil the mystique. I am quite certain that most of the folks launching their boats have no idea about the eagle!