Baptized in the Muck?

I admit it. It was not really a baptism,  but a nasty tumble!

Mark has been enjoying seeing me have so much fun with our little kayaks.  I have been experiencing a small but somewhat annoying problem in the form of hip pain that runs down my legs.  This only happens when we kayak….as soon as I am out of the little craft and walking about a bit, it leaves.  The most frustrating  part of this is that it happens after being out on the water after only about an hour.

Mark also knew that I had really wanted a canoe so much.  So, he drove us up to Irondequoit Bay late this morning so I could try out a couple of different canoes. There is a paddling business located right on the bay that allows perspective customers to try out various canoes and kayaks to see what is best for individual needs.

The first canoe was one I had been eyeing for some time.  The young girl who was waiting on us got it set up and grabbed both a canoe paddle as well as a kayak paddle for me to try. Not remembering exactly how to get into a canoe, she explained it.  She said she would hold the canoe to stabilize it for me as I got in.  I tried so hard to carefully follow her instructions when…..SPLASH!

Yes, I went over the side of the canoe, tipping myself right into the water. The poor girl called out…..was I okay? I laughed, totally embarrassed, and assured her I was fine. Or, was I? As I struggled to get back onto the dock, I felt my feet sinking deeper and deeper into MUCK!  Argh!!! I  plopped myself back up onto the dock and giggled, feeling like such a dope! The girl thanked me profusely.  She told me that once someone was getting into their craft, fell over and grabbed her, pulling her along with them! That helped with some of my embarrassment and if the water had not smelled so terribly, I would not have minded the dousing, actually! As it was, today was dreadfully hot and humid and the wet attire felt some better!

 I did try out that canoe as well as one other.  I then took out a kayak.  When I came back, the salesgirl was speaking with Mark and there was no one around. Just to redeem myself,  I skillfully removed myself from the kayak with no problem.  Because a couple was trying out another kayak and had it “parked” in the only place where craft wouldn’t wander out into the bay,  I had to get out in a different spot.  I couldn’t leave the kayak alone,  so I bent over and lifted it onto the dock with my right hand.  Michelle and the girl saw the bright yellow kayak going over on its right side as I lifted it, and they raced down the hill, thinking I had taken yet another plunge.  They were pleasantly surprised and amazed at my skill! Phew….redeemed, at last!

Thee bay is located only about one mile, as the crow flies, from my mother-in-law’s home. We had planned on going to her house to do a couple of things for her, so we left the paddling place and were about to leave the bay area when I asked Mark to pull into another spot to see if I could see the swan family we had seen earlier as we were paddling.



While we were paddling, this family came right near us. If only I would have had my camera. They were so close….now I had to settle on long-distance photos!

As I was photographing the swans, a duck and goose came right up to me to see what I was doing!



While Mark and the kids were doing some tasks for my mother-in-law, I wandered around her yard with my camera.  I stood for a good fifteen or twenty minutes in front of her impressive Rose of Sharon bushes watching bumblebees and honey bees working away. It was so funny watching, as they would enter into the flowers, work their way deeply into the flower and then reappear with yellow pollen covering their entire bodies!



We didn’t get back home until nearly seven.  I had received twenty-one boxes of supplies for the business, so the kids and I brought those all in and then we ate a bite.  I finally trudged up the stairs,  anxious to remove the Irondequoit Bay muck from my body.  As I disrobed, I could not believe the color of my white (?) underclothing. They were now gray! 

Ah, a good bathing never felt quite so good!