Okay, Katya, Sit Down and Calm Down

If you have read this blog with any regularity at all,  you know that one of my great passions is photography.  I have always loved taking pictures.  I remember when I was eleven years old,  I was so disappointed when I didn’t get a camera for Christmas.  That is, until my dad came into the living room with a load of Christmas presents that he and my mom had hidden away!

I was so totally thrilled when I opened the yellow box with a Kodak Instamatic Camera with the neat little “cube” flash!  I loved that camera and it really whet my appetite for photography.  I only wish I would have pursued my love in spite of what my guidance counselor in junior high school told me.  Why did I not stand up and prove her wrong? Why did I recoil like an injured animal and retreat with no “spunk”?

Well,  I am now satisfying my passion via this blog. Here, I can take pictures and put them up for all to see! Even if they are bad, everyone is so polite, they tell me they are good! And, while I am at it, I can write to my heart’s content….another passion squelched by a misguided (or, misguiding) counselor.  While I am at it, why did the junior high school have an elderly frustrated old maid working as a guidance counselor, shaping the future of youngsters, anyway?  And, yes, I can say that now because this is my blog, my platform, and my party!!!

So, let the party begin!

This afternoon, Ben and I went out with our little inflatable kayaks.  Yeah, that is probably another “funny-ism” people could laugh at aboout me. After all, how many women are out riding about on a little “blow-up” toy with their kids? Ha, ha! The joke is on them, because I am seeing things I only dreamed of seeing! And, because Mark has encouraged my photographic addiction interest, I am now toting my little Panasonic Lumix very carefully with me on my outings. Such was the case today…

(trying SO hard to remain calm here…..)

Here are my offerings, and possibly one of my finest and BEST sets, EVER! Do remember that I am using a  little point-and-shoot camera. The Nikon is too heavy, too expensive, just too “too” to carry out with me!

Please enjoy, and I would LOVE to hear your comments…….(I am so excited!!!) I will shut up now and won’t say another word until I see the comments! (I promise!)












Scenes from the North End of Seneca Lake

 After looking at the Extreme Home Makeover site,  we drove down (a very short distance) to Seneca Lake.  The downtown business section of Geneva is located just a bit north of the lake.  This small city has to be numbered amongst the prettiest in the US.  It is also home to two small colleges.

The hotel shown in the photos is a Ramada Inn.

No further words are needed.












An Extreme Birthday!

The day before yesterday,  Mark heard a story on the news that a family in Geneva, New York,  was getting an Extreme Home Makeover! I was so excited and when Mark asked what I would like to do for my birthday, I said I would love to see where this was being done. Geneva is only about thirty miles from our home,  so we decided it would be a fun adventure!

The family receiving the makeover is a husband, wife, and four children.  The husband was training to be a boxer several years ago, when an accident left him with a broken back, ending his boxing career.  He attended college and went to work as a  high school counselor where he met many kids with lots of problems.  He then decided to teach boxing as an encourgement for some of these kids.  From there, he has trained many kids, including some olympic hopefuls! In an effort to help repay this family who has given to their community, their 150 year old house was completely leveled, and will now be replaced with a brand-spanking new one, complete with a small boxing gym in the backyard!

This bus was evidence I was “in the neigborhood”!


Trucks were lined up everywhere with building materials ready to go!


This fancy restroom was located a short distance from the home site……


And of course, the restroom was “decorated” complete with white lights on artificial plants.



I was unable to get very good pictures,  as there were so many people watching! Hate to say it, but as an extremely short person,  it seemed (as usual) all the tall people were in the front, blocking those of us who are height-challenged (please realize I am teasing here!) making it really hard to see much of anything!



There seemed to be a “sea” of blue Extreme Home Makeover tee shirts, waiting to spring forth into action!


I was told by one spectator that the green walls below are part of the boxing gym….



I only watched for a few minutes,  as Mark and the kids were waiting in the truck. It was amazing, though….there was such an air of excitement and anticipation!

This morning, while looking for information about this makeover, I came across a site where information was given and people were allowed to comment.  As I read through the comments,  I couldn’t believe the things people were saying. Some of the comments were downright shameful. 

I have such a hard time watching the show on ABC, as every show, I break down and cry. I guess that is one of the reasons why I don’t watch television. I get so emotionally involved…too much so for my own good, I am afraid. I also have a hard time, as I wish there was someone doing “mini-makeovers” for a small cost. We have so many issues with our own home,  which Mark built about seventeen years ago with some help from my brother, Randy, and my dad.  Unfortunately, a family of four living on a meager income cannot afford many repairs and “fixes”. But, that is another story!!! I am pretty able-bodied, and am grateful I can do much of the work and that the kids can help!

Congratulations to the Hill family in Geneva. They have been sent to Cancun, Mexico, for a week while their new home progresses. I cannot wait to see the completed new home!

A Little Overwhelmed!

First of all, thank you to those who dropped by and left good wishes! I really appreciate it!

It is well after midnight and we just returned home a short time ago.  We had a very busy day and I had a good birthday.  We did a good bit of wandering and ended up fairly far from home.

While visiting the north end of Seneca Lake,  I came upon this interesting family of ducks. The day was not chilly, but it was the sort of day that the warmth of the sun felt good. As I walked past these ducks,  I suddenly realized that the duck farthest out on the culvert was the mother. If anyone came near the walk above their little refuge, she would squawk and cause the youngsters to stir.


I will post about my day later on…I am so tired right now!