Just Popping in….


To say “hello”!  This little squirrel played a game of “peekaboo” with me this morning!


Randy showed me this fungus growing on the lawn…when I mowed on Monday, there was NO sign of this growing. Wow….it surely came up quickly!


We all got ready to go out kayaking this morning. We decided to stop at a county park located not too far away. We got the boats out, inflated them, then went out in the big pond.  We went paddling into the wind, and it was fairly tough!

The pond we were in is 100 acres and it became a real challenge paddling there! When we began, the wind was blowing but not too wildly. We went around the pond and as we went, the winds began to increase in velocity. Although the wind wasn’t that powerful, we began to have some trouble moving in the water. Add to the wind the fact that the pond had seaweed all throughout….

We got out and went to another place to check it out. The water was not smooth, nor inviting. We decided to do a bit of shopping instead! We are hoping for less wind tomorrow!